How to Fix A Large Hole in Shower Wall? | Complete 4 Steps

how to fix large hole in shower wall

After making a bathroom wall, you can’t expect that the wall provides you with lifetime performance. After a while, the wall comes with holes, cracks, gouges, and other problems. But today, I will share a simple way to fix a large-sized hole in your shower wall.

So, how to fix a large hole in shower wall? To fix the hole, you can use epoxy, melting plastic, tile, concrete, as well as some other elements. On the other hand, you can use paper or hardboard to fix the large size hole in the shower wall.

This is a simple answer for you. If you are unable to fix the large size holes with these elements in your shower wall, this article is for you. I suggest you check out the following article for a step-by-step process.

How to Fix A Large Hole in Shower Wall?

I used epoxy to fix a large size hole in my bathroom shower wall. How can I do it? I know you need clarification about this matter. Don’t worry; you will check out the following step-by-step process to fix your large hole in the shower wall without facing any bugs.

Step 1: Clean the Hole Area

The first step is that you need to trim out all of the loose things like paint, tile, and others. You can use sandpaper to clean the hole areas. Moreover, you will also use a non-abrasive powdered cleanser to get the best performance.

Step 2: Remove Loosen Tile (Optional)

Do you have tile in the bathroom and make the hole under the tiles? You should remove the tile before fill-up the hole. Losing tile may create so many problems and also risk enough for you.

Step 3: Mix Resin & Hardener

Combine resin and hardener so that it can be strong, and you will fix the hole problem for a long-time. You will take a bowl and a mixer so they can mix easily.

Step 4: Fill Up the Hole

Now, it is time to fill up the shower wall hole. You need to put all of the mixer liquid on the hole and finally seal the hole. When resin and hardener dry out on the wall, it is easily adjusted with the wall and fix the hole problem in your bathroom.

How to Fix a Large Hole in Tiled Wall?

Fixing the hole problem in the shower wall and tile wall looks like same. Though both methods are the same, you need to keep some extra things in mind. What?

Well, you need to clean the tile with sandpaper properly than a normal shower wall. You need to cut down the broken part of the tile so that you can easily attach epoxy or resin easily, and they attach for a long-time.

Furthermore, the resin and hardener mixing is also worked on the tile wall. I suggest you follow the above 4-steps to solve the problem easily.

How to Fix a Big Hole in the Wall with Household Items?

Sometimes it is hard enough for us to collect epoxy, resin, hardener, and other elements to fix the big size hole. But, do you know that you can fix a big hole in the wall with household items? Check out the following points to fix your bathroom’s big hole walls.

  • Collect some essential elements like glue, soda, and hand gloves
  • Mix baking soda and glue properly. Don’t forget to wear hand gloves.
  • Mix them properly and put them in the hole. You don’t need to put the mixer from the end of the hole. Just lap the mixer above the hole.

This is a simple way for you. However, you can also use polythene and tape so that you can easily attach them to the holes.

How to Fix Hole in Plastic Shower Wall?

Fixing hole in plastic shower walls is easier than tile and ceramic walls. How? Because you can easily use a simple tool to solve the problem.

For example, you will take a heat gun and also take some melting plastic. Now, start the heat gun and hold on to the wall’s hole. After that, the plastic becomes shrinking and fill-up the hole. Note you also need to hold some extra plastic so that the other sides of the plastic wall are not affected.

To use a heat gun, you should also keep in mind that you are not using high temperatures because of affecting the plastic.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How do you fix a big hole in a fibreglass shower wall?

Answer: If you want to fix a big hole in the fibreglass shower wall, you need to maintain many processes and use multiple tools. I suggest you contact the fibreglass repair shop to fix the problem.

Q: How do I fix a large hole in my shower?

Answer: First, you need to understand which type of shower wall you have in your bathroom. For example, concrete, tile, or plastic. If you find your shower wall concrete or tile, you can use epoxy or resin to fix the large size hole.

Q: How do I fix a hole in my shower surround?

Answer: You can fix a hole in your shower surround using resin, hardener, epoxy, plastic, and other elements without getting any problems. If you have a plastic shower surround, you can also use a heat gun to solve the problem.


The shower wall often makes a hole, cracks, and many problems. In the shower, a wall hole is a common matter. Though the shower wall comes with holes, you will easily solve them. The above 4-points help you a lot to hassle-free fix the large size hole in your bathroom wall. According to my experience, resin and hardener mixer works far better than others.

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