How Far Should Toilet Tank Be from Wall? [According to Toilet Plumber’s Answer]

how far should toilet tank be from wall

Good bathroom designs and maintaining the element’s proper distance from all help the users get easy access. The Toilet tank and bathroom wall are always controversial because different plumbers suggest the difference between them.

So, how far should toilet tank be from wall? The standard difference is 15-inch. Even the majority of toilet plumbers strongly believe that 15-inches distance should be a minimum distance. The measurement should come from the centerline and should not come from the outside edge.

To keep in mind this distance, the plumber easily maintains the toilet flange and toilet size from the wall distance. The size may increase by ½-inch or more, but the size should not be decreased. Now, let’s discuss in detail about this question so that you can newly install your toilet tank from the bathroom wall properly.

How Far Should Toilet Tank Be from Wall?

The standard measurement is 15-inch; you need to maintain and install the toilet tank from the wall. This distance is used for installing other parts such as flange, pipe, and others. Moreover, if you are going to use the back to install your toilet tank, you will maintain a 12-inches distance.

Actually, the distance is depended on several factors. The toilet hardware and installation space are other factors in installing the toilet tank from the wall.

You should contact your plumber to find a more accurate distance from the toilet tank and wall. But, the plumber should keep a minimum distance of 15-inches because of comfortably install the toilet tank from the wall.

Minimum Distance from Center of Toilet to Wall

According to senior toilet plumbers, most of the codes required a 15-inches minimum distance. The measurement should start from the center to the toilet to the wall. From any side to the bathroom walls or obstruction should not be closer than 30-inches.

The 30-inch distance should be measured from center to center for any kind of sanitary fixture. But, some special fixtures may go a maximum of 32-inches from the center position.

Note you should provide clear instructions to your plumbers to maintain the proper distance from the center of the toilet to the wall. If you need any suggestions to calculate the minimum distance from the center of the toilet to the wall, feel free to contact us.

Does a Toilet Need to Be Against a Wall?

There is no set ay rule to gap the toilet from the wall. It is a personal matter for the toilet owners. If the toilet comes with a narrow space, it is avoidable for the bathroom owner to keep any distance between the toilet and the wall.

Attaching a toilet tank to the wall is a wise thought. How? Because the kids broke the toilet tank when it didn’t come with the wall. On the contrary, attaching the toilet tank to the wall will also discover some advantages.

There have some pros and cons you will get when you are installing the toilet against a wall. You will also hear advice from your toilet plumbers to install it without facing any bugs.

Are All Toilets the Same Distance from the Wall?

There are plenty of toilet types you will discover on the market. For example, American Standard, Kohler, TOTO, and others. They come in different sizes, but the sizes are not much different. The brand’s toilets are easily attached to the wall to maintain a minimum 15-inch distance.

You may be happy to hear that the toilets you can install in your bathroom without making any games from the wall. Why? Because the toilet installation parts easily attach from both sides of the toilet to the wall.

So, it is clearly said that the toilet brands do not matter or error to install on the bathroom wall with maintaining a distance. You will install the toilet to the wall with or without a gaping toilet and wall distance.

How to Fix Gap Between Toilet and Wall?

After installing the toilet and seeing that a proper game has between the toilet and wall is truly concerning. When the gaps come out, your toilet faces moisture to dampen the problem as soon as possible.

To keep this problem in mind, I will share with you two simple ways to fix the gap between the toilet and the wall.

  1. Relocating the Waste Pipe
  2. And using an offset flange

You will use these two ways to fix the toilet’s and the wall’s gaps. Note these two processes are only workable when your toilet has a minimum 1-inch gap. Failing to use these methods, don’t worry; let me know your concern.

Some Additional Information (FAQs)

Q: How much space should there be between toilet tank and wall?

Answer: 15-inches distance should be maintained between the toilet tank and the wall. From the center to the center position, you should maintain 30-inches. Though there is no set of rules to maintain the distance, you should maintain the rules to get maximum flexibility.

Q: Does toilet tank need to be against the wall?

Answer: There is no rule that toilet tanks need to be against the wall. It is a personal matter. The toilet manufacturers and plumbers suggested maintaining a proper distance when the toilet space is narrow and you want more flexible benefits.

Q: How far can toilet be from wall?

Answer: Though the rule is not set that you maintain the distance, most bathroom owners believe that a 15-inch distance is standard and should be maintained. But, if you belong to a small bathroom, you should avoid keeping a distance from the toilet to the wall.

Final Words!

How far should toilet tank be from wall? This question is raised in mind when you are going to install a new toilet or remodel the toilet. 15-inch is the standard distance size that you can maintain. But you can also avoid the gap between the toilet tank and the wall when you don’t have enough space.

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