How to Remove Corroded Bathroom Sink Drain? [3 Proven Methods]

How to Remove Corroded Bathroom Sink Drain

You see corroded or rust in your toilet means the chemical and cleaning processes are wrong. Corroded comes in the bathroom sink or drain because of several reasons. When your bathroom comes with high iron, hard water, and weak chemical which you use to clean the toilet, corroded is common in bathroom.

So, how to remove corroded bathroom sink drain? After seeing corroded in your bathroom, your mind may raise this question. You will use salt and lemon juice, baking soda, potatoes, and hydrogen peroxide to remove the corroded bathroom sink drain.

It is not difficult to remove corroded from your bathroom because the process is easy to complete. From this article, you will get professional help like beginners to remove corroded and get a healthy bathroom. Stay connected to get a simple but effective step-by-step process.

Why Is Your Bathroom Corroded Sink Drain?

A bathroom has many inside and outside elements, some of which are harmful to the bathrooms. The majority of the bathrooms are affected by corroded because of hard water, iron, weak cleaning process, as well as using bad chemicals.

When you find out a corroded problem in your bathroom sink drain, you should take proper action. So, which actions should you take to solve the problem? Well, you will check out 3-different ways to remove corroded bathroom sinks from the drain.

How to Remove Corroded Bathroom Sink Drain?

Before removing the corroded bathroom sink drain, you should remember that it is a sensitive task. So, you should start with a gentle method to remove the corroded bathroom sink drain. I am using natural ways to remove corroded.

Collect some equipment so that the methods are easy for you to complete. I will make a list for you which will help you to collect essential tools.

  • Hand Gloves
  • Baking Soda
  • 5 pieces of lemon
  • Sponge/ scrub

Method 1: Salt & Lemon Juice

Salt & lemon created an acid, which battles against corroded. First and foremost, you need to spread salt in the corroded areas of the bathroom. Secondly, cut the lemon and bring out the juice from the lemons. Third, you need to spread lemon juice on the salt.

Finally, you need to wait an hour. It would be better for the bathroom if you want a maximum of 2 hours. Now, it is time to use a scrub or sponge to clean the bathroom.

Note, you need to wear hand gloves to keep your hand safe from waste and other harmful elements of the bathroom.

Method 2: Baking Soda & Water

You are coming here, which means the first method is not working for your bathroom. Don’t worry; this method is more powerful and practically successful.

To complete this method, take a half litre of water and some baking soda. Mix them properly. You can use a straw to mix them.

Now, it is time to use the mixing baking soda and water on the corroded or rusted areas. After using it, you need to wait for a minimum of 30-minutes. Use a scrub or sponge to scrub the affected areas. You may need to create some extra pressure so that it can fast remove.

Method 3: Potatoes & Baking Soda

Potatoes and baking soda combination created powerful acid which removes corroded deeply from your bathroom. So, how can you properly apply the method in your bathroom?

  • Take 1 potato and some baking soda, as well as some water in a pot
  • Now, mix them properly for at least 5 minute
  • Add the mixing liquid to the corroded areas of the bathroom and wait for 1-hour
  • Scrub the areas deeply so that the corroded areas

How to Remove a Bathroom Sink Drain That Is Stuck?

When the sink drain uses badly for a long-time, the sink of the drain becomes stuck with waste. To solve this problem, you can remove your bathroom sink drain or remove corroded or rust. Corroded or rust also stuck to the bathroom sink.

In this section, I will share with you a complete solution to remove the bathroom sink drain that is stuck. Note the process is simple but professional.

1. Use Your Hand to Remove Sink Drain

Some of the sink’s drain is easy to remove and don’t need to use any tools. You need to hold the lifting, push up the stopper, and turn it so it can remove. Do you face any problems removing the sink drain with your hand? Check out the below process.

2. Unscrew the Pivot Nut

This is another simple method that you can follow to remove the sink drain. At the bottom side of the sink, you will discover a pivot nut that you need to unscrew.

Try to lose the nut in your hand. If you think that the nut is tight enough to remove with your hand, it would be better for you to use a screwdriver to solve the problem.

3. Remove All Items Under the Sink

If you failed to remove the sink drain to follow the above process, you should not miss this step. Under the sink, you need to remove all of the parts (flange, nuts, and others) to remove the sink from the drain.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How do you remove a stuck bathroom sink drain?

Answer: You can use three alternative ways to remove a stuck bathroom sink drain. However, use your hands to remove the sink, unscrew the pivot nuts, and remove all of the things under the sink. These three methods help you to remove a stuck bathroom sink easily.

Q: How do you remove a rusty drain flange?

Answer: It is simple to remove a rusty drain flange from the bathroom using coke, baking soda, baking soda and potatoes, and of course, salt and lemon juice. You will find a detailed answer in the above section.

Q: How do I remove a corroded bathroom sink faucet?

Answer: To remove a corroded bathroom sink faucet, users can use baking soda, potatoes, baking soda, lemon, and salt and also use rust-removing tablets. These ways are truly working and are one of the best solutions to remove corroded or rust.

Is It Clear to You?

How to remove corroded bathroom sink drain? You will use coke corroded removing tablets, baking soda, salt, and lemons are the best way to remove corroded. Note that a user must apply a perfect amount of baking soda, salt, or lemon because these things also affect the bathroom. I would love to suggest you follow the above three ways to get rid of the corroded bathroom sink drain.

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