Shallow Kitchen Cabinets | What Should You Know?

Shallow kitchen cabinet is a popular kitchen cabinet in the USA and Canada because of getting lots of space. This type of cabinet is not only ready to provide enough space but also takes less space to install. Besides its vast advantages, you will also get some disadvantages too.

Today, I am going to break down A to Z information about this kitchen cabinet. Keep reading this article to clear your mind and decide whether you will allow the cabinet in your kitchen or not. So, let’s get started with the article.

What Is the Shallowest Kitchen Cabinet?

Shallow kitchen base cabinet means a 12-inches kitchen cabinet on the kitchen. Typically, this type of cabinet comes with a bottom-depth shape. The width of the cabinet is 9 to 36 inches. Some of the kitchen owners manually design the shallowest cabinet and take 40-inches wide size.

The cabinet is a complete solution for the kitchen, which comes with a narrow space. Generally, the kitchen owner installs the cabinet top side of the stove. The answer is simple; a 12-inch small size kitchen cabinet is called the shallowest kitchen cabinet.

What Do You Store in Shallow Kitchen Cabinets?

Undoubtedly, you can store lots of things in shallow kitchen cabinets. Here, I am going to share my personal experience so that you can get an idea of which things you will store in the shallow kitchen cabinet.

  • Food Items: You will keep different types of food, such as vegetables, flesh, and other things, using a container.
  • Glasses & Dishes: It is easy to store glasses and dishes in the cabinet. Note you need to put away the dishwasher and drying rack.
  • Appliances: The shallowest cabinet is one of the best solutions for keeping multiple appliances such as plates, jars, and others.
  • Pots, Pans, etc.: You may know that a shallow cabinet comes with a box that also maintains proper deep so that you can easily keep pots, pans, and other elements.

How to Organize Narrow or Shallow Kitchen Cabinets?

Organize the cabinet properly; you will get some extra benefits from the shallow kitchen cabinets. For example, you will easily find the right container, food, and other things. After that, the organized cabinet also increases the beauty of your kitchen.

But the question is how to organize narrow or shallow kitchen cabinets properly. I would love to suggest you follow the below steps to organize your shallow kitchen wall cabinets.

  • First, you need to keep pots, pans, and this size appliance on the box of the cabinet so that you can easily find them in your hand.
  • Now, keep the small size container middle side, which you need to use regularly in your kitchen. You can keep your spicy container in this section.
  • Finally, you can keep other elements on the bottom side of the cabinet so you can easily find them when needed.

Does IKEA Have Shallow Kitchen Cabinets?

The official answer is yes. The shallow kitchen cabinets come with an IKEA shape and design. A journal based on furniture shows that 25% of kitchen owners don’t afford 25-inches or more size cabinets in the kitchen. And that’s why IKEA suggests a 12-inches shallow kitchen cabinet.

IKEA is a popular furniture design, especially on the cabinet. IKEA is also strong enough and provides deep space on the box of the cabinet. Moreover, kitchen owners get extra benefits when using IKEA on shallow kitchen cabinets.

Shallow Base Cabinets with Drawers

Are you considering a shallow base kitchen cabinet in your kitchen that comes with a drawer? This section helps you a lot to provide further information about this matter. However, there is a very limited edition you will find on the kitchen cabinet that comes with drawers.

Why doesn’t the kitchen owner use a drawer on the cabinet? Because keeping the drawer on the cabinet is risky enough. How? The drawers fall down on the user’s head, and an accident occurs. Moreover, it is hard enough to open and close the drawer from the bottom sides of the land.

Though shallow base cabinets with drawers have some disadvantages, you will also get some advantages too. For example:

A shallow base cabinet for the kitchen is good enough when you are using drawers. Drawers help you to keep essential elements without inputting insects, dust, moisture, and other harmful elements. In addition, drawers provide you vast space than the non-drawers cabinet.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Do kitchen cabinets come in different depths?

Answer: The official answer is yes. There are different types of cabinets worldwide, and they use different depths. For example, a shallow or narrow cabinet comes with a maximum of 12-inches of depth because of lacking space.

Q: What are low cabinets called?

Answer: The low cabinets are called base cabinets. In the USA, this cabinet is known as a base cabinet. Different countries pronounce different ways of a low cabinet.

Q: Do they make shallow base cabinets?

Answer: Many manufacturers in the USA and worldwide make shallow base cabinets, which are popular among narrow kitchens. This type of cabinet is popular because of easy to use, store, organize, and install.

Q: What depth do IKEA cabinets come in?

Answer: The majority of IKEA cabinets come in 15-inch sizes. But, some of the IKEA kitchen cabinets come with 20-inches. 20-inches size IKEA cabinet is rare because of not using the right size of the cabinet.

Final Verdict!

Shallow kitchen cabinets mean narrow size kitchen cabinets for a narrow kitchen. This type of cabinet comes with 15-inches and is a maximum of 32-inches wide. IKEA is also made shallow base kitchen cabinets. Though the cabinet comes in a small size, you can customize the size based on your kitchen size.

If your kitchen comes in small size and doesn’t have enough space, you should consider a shallow kitchen cabinet. This type of kitchen cabinet allows you to store multiple things at the same time.

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