How Far Should Tile Extend Past Shower Door? [Expert’s Answer for You]

how far should tile extend past shower door

Tile and shower doors are two common elements in any kind of bathroom. But, the shower door should be maintained a proper distance from the tile so that you can easily open and close the door. If you are a beginner who recently wanted to plumb tile and shower doors, this article may be your best resource.

So, how far should the tile extend past the shower door? It is hard enough to say in one word. First of all, you need to measure your whole bathroom length. After that, the tile and door distance. But, expert plumbers always plan to keep extending the tile 2 or 3 inches.

It is a standard distance in which most tile extends past the shower door. You can also measure it manually. Are you found yourself puzzled to get the answer? Don’t worry; I am here to solve your problem. Keep continued.

How Far Should Tile Extend Past Shower Door?

Let me provide you with an accurate measurement to install the tile and shower door properly. My bathroom comes with 4’x4′ shower itself. Moreover, the extending tile comes with 6″ to 12″ beyond the perimeter. Now, how much distance should I maintain?

The answer is simple. The distance from the shower door to the tile should maintain at a minimum of 2-inches. I maintain 3-inches, and it is truly far better and smoothly works. So you can also maintain this distance so that you will easily and comfortably use the shower door.

Planning Tile Layout for Shower Walls

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Before planning tile layout for shower walls, remember some important points. For example, is the tile waterproof or not? On the other hand, the tile should avoid water as much as possible.

So, what is the tile layout for shower walls? Follow the below points to make a proper layout. I will share my tile layout for the shower walls, which I made.

  • Measure the distance tile from the shower faucet
  • Of course, the shower faucet maintains a proper distance so that the wall easily avoids water
  • The whole bathroom should be measured to get the right installation process

Don’t forget to maintain a 2 to 3 inches distance from the shower door to the tile wall of your bathroom. It would be better for you to take help from your bathroom plumber.

Should Shower Tile Go All the Way Up?

According to some journals and experts, it is far better than shower tiles should go in the ceiling of the bathroom. Tiling all the way up to the ceiling keeps your bathroom areas surrounding, which protects the bathroom walls from moisture and water.

No doubt, tiling goes all the way to the ceiling and provides you with lots of benefits. When you use hot water in the bathroom, tile helps the water temperature keep for a long time. You will discover plenty of benefits from tiling the way up the bathroom.

Should a Bathroom Be Fully Tiled?

The answer is no. The tile should be installed floor and ceiling of the bathroom. But, there is no rule set that you can only install tile in the floor or ceiling of the bathroom. You can install or use tile in the whole bathroom without problems.

The majority of bathroom owners avoid full bathroom tiles because of saving money. Installing the whole bathroom with tile never provides you any benefits. So, if you have money problems and want to spend other areas of your money, you should avoid installing tiles in your whole bathroom.

Some Additional Information (FAQs)

Q: How far should you tile past the shower?

Answer: It depends on your bathroom’s tile and shower door layout. Though you measure the bathroom tile and shower door manually, you should maintain a 2 or 3 inches distance from the tile to the shower door without making any mistakes.

Q: Where do you stop tile in a shower?

Answer: Without using tile on the floor or ceiling, you can stop to install tile in a shower. There are no rules set to install the tile in the bathroom. You can also install the tile in the whole bathroom. However, installing tile in the ceiling is truly far better than others.

Q: How far up should you tile a bathroom wall?

Answer: You can maintain 2-3 inches up tile and bathroom wall to get the best performance. I used this measurement in my bathroom, and the shower door smoothly opened and closed properly. You can also make the right decision after contacting your plumbers.

Q: Do you need to tile the ceiling in a shower?

Answer: When you want to tile in a shower and avoid full tile in the bathroom, it would be better to tile in the bathroom’s ceiling. Because ceiling tile helps the bathroom surrounding easily and provides a whole bathroom tiling experience.

Q: Should you tile all the walls in a small bathroom?

Answer: No, it is not mandatory for you. Experts believe that the tile should install a ceiling in the bathroom because of the surrounding benefits. So, you can install the tile in your bathroom ceiling to stop installing the tile in the whole bathroom.

Final Verdict!

How far should the tile extend past the shower door? When you remodel or install tiles newly, you may find this question in your mind. Though it is hard to provide exact distance, according to experts and plumbers, 2-inch or 3-inch is enough.

A 3-inch tile extending past the shower door distance is far better than 2-inch. So, you will allow 3-inch as a distance between tiles extended past the shower door.

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