What Are the Rough In Toilet Lengths? [Standard & Manual Measurement]

What are the rough in toilet lengths

What are the rough in toilet lengths? The standard rough-in toilet length is 12 inches. Moreover, some older or traditional toilets come with a 10 to 14 inches toilet rough-in toilet length. After measuring the bathroom or installed area, you should measure the rough-in of the toilet.

So, how can you measure the right rough-in toilet lengths properly? Or, which length is good enough for your toilet? I know you have plenty of questions in your mind. Don’t worry; from this article, you will get all of your questions answered.

What Are the Rough in Toilet Lengths?

Though different toilets and bathrooms come with different rough sizes, you will choose a standard 12-inch toilet. But, if you think your toilet comes with an old model, you can go for a 10 to 14 inches rough-in size.

To measure the rough-in toilet length, you must complete it. You can check out the following step-by-step guide to measure the rough-in toilet manually.

How to Measure Rough in Toilet Length?

If you want to measure rough-in toilet length, you can follow this simple way. It is truly easy to do. Now, I will share my experience of properly measuring the rough-in toilet length.

  • Take a measurement tape and find out your drainage pipe flange
  • After that, place the hook of your measuring tape against the wall behind the bathroom flange
  • Now, it is time to scratch the measuring tape out through the flange center position
  • Make sure that you are measuring the base distance from the wall to the center position of the flange
  • Finally, you need to add the thickness of your drywall so that you will get the right measurement

These points are easy to maintain and inexpensive to do. According to my experience, it also takes very less time to do.

How to Measure Toilet Rough-in Without Removing Toilet?

When your bathroom comes with an uninstalled toilet, it would be easier for you to measure the toilet rough-in. How? Well, you need to take a measurement tape. After that, you need to start from the flange center position to the back wall.

The distance between your bathroom flange and the back wall is sized for the rough-in. You should check out the above steps to measure your toilet rough-in without removing a toilet.

12.5 Inch Toilet Rough-in

12.5-inches toilet rough-in is the most common size for toilets. However, you can use this size as a standard measurement of the toilet.

Most of the bathroom and toilet flanges used this measurement for a long-time. Undoubtedly, the 12.5-inch toilet rough-in position helps you to hassle-free assemble the toilet. But I suggest you manually measure the rough-in of your toilet to avoid any kind of mistake in assembling the toilet.

14 in Rough-in Toilet

14-inch rough-in toilet is more expensive than other sizes of the rough-in toilet. This type of toilet is designed for a weighty person as well as a tall person to use. Moreover, it would help if you assembled a 14-inch rough-in toilet for a large-size bathroom.

Before installing a 14-inch rough-in toilet in your bathroom, you should properly measure the toilet rough-in so that you can assemble a 14-inch rough-in toilet comfortably.

Which Size Rough-in Toilet Suitable for Your Bathroom?

It is hard to say which rough-in toilet is suitable for your bathroom without measuring the toilet. First of all, you need to find out the accurate rough-in size of your toilet and then choose the right one.

On the other hand, you will choose a standard rough-in size toilet for your bathroom. The standard rough-in toilet is 12 inches. The majority of the toilet and bathrooms accept this size because of hassle-free installation. You can check out the step-by-step guideline to take the manual measurement.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What are the rough in toilet measurements?

Answer: The standard rough-in toilet measurement is 12 inches. On the other hand, the traditional and older toilet needs a 10 to 14 inches rough-in size. If you feel you need clarification about choosing the right rough-in size toilet, you can manually measure the toilet rough-in to get an accurate size.

Q: How do I know if I have a 10 inch or 12-inch rough in toilet?

Answer: If you want to know that your toilet comes with a 10-inch or 12-inch rough-in, you need to measure the toilet first. However, you can take a measurement tape and start to measure the rough-in size. You have to measure the flange and back wall of the toilet.

Q: What does 12-inch rough in mean?

Answer: The 12-inch rough-in toilet means the distance between the toilet flange and the wall of the bathroom. From the flange system of the toilet, you always need to measure the wall so that you can hassle-free install the toilet. Note that a 12-inch rough-in also means a standard size.

Q: What is the rough in for an elongated toilet?

Answer: The elongated toilet’s rough-in size is 10 inches. Different brands used different measurements to make the toilet comfortable and easily installed in the bathroom. But, it is also wrong that all elongated toilets come with a 10-inch rough-in size. You should manually find out the rough-in size of your elongated toilet.

Is It Clear to You?

What are the rough in toilet lengths? It is a common question for someone who recently wanted to remodel the toilet. Rough-in is always an important factor in assembling the toilet properly. I would love to suggest you don’t go for a standard size. You should measure the rough-in manually so that you can easily assemble your toilet.

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