Why Are 14” Rough In Toilets More Expensive? [The Real Factors]

why are 14'' rough in toilets more expensive The standard rough-in toilet comes with a 12-inches size, but you will also discover a 14-inch rough-in toilet for some of the areas. But why are 14″ rough-in toilets more expensive than 12-inch or other sizes of rough-in toilets? The rough-in toilet is an essential factor for the toilets.

Well, the 14-inch rough-in toilet is rare to find out on the market and also comes with three different rough-in, which makes a 14-inch rough-in toilet expensive. Similarly, a 14-inch rough-in toilet comes with expensive features which demand extra money.

I found some other factors to know why the 14″ rough-in toilets come with an expensive price. So, so let’s check out the following sections to clear your confusion and know the real fact about the 14″ rough-in toilet.

What Is a 14″ Rough-in Toilet?

Typically, a rough-in toilet means keeping spacing between the wall behind the toilet as well as the centre of the toilet pipe. The rough-in toilet also measures the round sides of the toilet, which you need to provide a perfect gap.

The standard rough-in toilet comes in 12-inch sizes, which means you need to keep perfect space between the wall and behind the toilet. However, you will also discover 13-inch and 14-inch rough-in toilets.

Why Are 14” Rough in Toilets More Expensive?

A 14-inch rough-in toilet comes with some different features than other rough-in toilets. The following points help you to understand why the 14-inch rough-in toilet comes at a high price on the market.

  1. It is rare, and the manufacturer made very few 14-inch rough-in toilets, which increases the price.
  2. A 14-inch rough-in toilet comes with more rough-in than other rough-in toilets, which makes the toilet expensive.
  3. The 14-inch rough-in toilet is a little bit extra-large than another rough-in toilet which increases the manufacturing cost.
  4. You will discover some special features from a 14-inch rough-in toilet which also demands an extra price.

According to my research, I found the above 4-points to increase the price of a 14″ rough-in toilet. Do you have any confusion after checking the above points? You can let me know without feeling any hesitation.

What Is the Difference Between a 12 and 14” Rough-in Toilet?

What Is the Difference Between a 12 and 14'' Rough-in Toilet

Now, you have a clear concept about the 14-inch rough-in toilet and also know the actual fact of making the 14-inch rough-in toilet becomes expensive. Except for the price, you will also find some other differences between 12″ and 14″ rough-in toilets.

What is the difference? Well, the major difference is the number of rough-in. A 14″ rough-in toilet comes with more rough-in than a 12-inch rough-in toilet. Moreover, a 14″ rough-in toilet is usable for limited space, but the 12-inch rough-in toilets are universal.

Furthermore, the 14″ toilet has special features that you may not find in a 12-inch toilet. However, the 12-inch rough-in toilets are standard to use, and you will find 12-inch rough-in toilets in most of the toilets.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Does American Standard make a 14 rough in toilet?

Answer: The American Standard manufacturer made a 14″ rough-in toilet which comes with a 1.28 Gpf Toilet. Moreover, you will discover a dual flush system from an American Standard 14″ rough-in toilet.

Q: Can you replace a 12-inch rough-in toilet with a 10-inch rough-in toilet?

Answer: Yes, you can replace a 12-inch rough-in toilet with a 10-inch rough toilet. How? It would help if you backed away 2-inch from the wall behind the toilet to replace the toilet. You will also take help from your plumber to replace the toilet.

Q: What is the normal rough-in for a toilet?

Answer: The normal or the standard rough-in toilet comes with a 12-inches size. 12-inch rough-in toilets are standard, and most of the toilets accept the size without facing any problems. So, you can also use 12-inch rough-in toilet.

Q: Does Kohler make a 14-inch rough-in toilet?

Answer: Yes, Kohler makes a 14-inch rough-in toilet for some of the models. The models are K-3814, K-5709, K-3949, K-3947 and K-3948. You can choose any of these models of Kohler to get 14-inch rough-in performance.

Q: How far should a toilet be from the wall?

Answer: It depends on the rough-in toilet size. However, you can keep 2-inch or 3-inch space between the toilet and the wall. If you choose a 12-inch rough-in toilet, you will maintain this measurement.

Final Word!

A 14-inch toilet comes with special features and materials and always needs to use advanced technology, which demands an extra price from the users. Moreover, the manufacturer also needs to make a 14-inch toilet with a limited edition, increasing the price. You can read the above points which help you understand why the 14-inches toilets are expensive on the market.

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