Fix Toilet Tank Overflowing | Most Common Problems & Solutions

Toilets are a regular using thing. It also produces several problems when we continuously use the toilet. However, the toilet tank is an inseparable part of the toilet. It causes several problems, such as a leak, damage, and overflowing.

If your toilet tank has an overflowing problem, you need to fix the problem to use the toilet further. You can’t flush the toilet easily when the toilet tank is overflowing. But how to fix a toilet tank overflowing? I know you are searching for the origin of the problem and the best solution.

From this article, you will discover some core problems of toilet tank overflowing and the best solution. So, keep reading to get a complete guideline.

Most Common Problems & Fix Toilet Tank Overflowing

When the toilet tank overflows, it leads to several problems. The most common occurs flooding your bathroom. You may want to avoid making your bathroom flood with the water from the toilet tank. So, let’s find out the common problems and solve them step by step.

Using Misaligned Overflow Tube

When you flush the toilet, the rubber flapper, which normally covers the valve released, helps the water create much pressure so that the toilet is easily flushed.

After using the flapper for a long time, the flapper was worn out, and the water came above the toilet. After that, the water doesn’t come even if you flush the toilet multiple time.


If the flapper rubber is worn out, you have to replace it with a new rubber flapper without thinking anymore. A toilet tank needs to release and bring water from the water supply line.

A Leaky Fill Valve

A fill valve of the toilet tank refills water after flushing and releases the water from the toilet tank. But, when it comes to the leak problem, the fill valve doesn’t work properly.

On the other hand, a leaky fill valve spread the water into the toilet, which also created the overflowing problem. To find out this problem, you need to remove the fill valve and tube at the same time.


To solve the leaky fill valve problem, you have to remove the valve and clean it properly. If the fill valve leaks in a vast way, you should install a new one. It is easy to assemble a leaky fill valve, even if you are a beginner person.

A Broken Ball Fault

A ball system toilet works before the fill valve. That means the ball system introduces the fill valve to flush the water properly. But, when your toilet tank cannot flush water properly, or the ball is broken, your toilet comes with an overflowing water problem.


It is hard enough to repair the ball of the toilet tank. The function and assembly process makes it complicated. So, it would be better for you to use a new ball for the toilet tank to solve the problem.

Toilet Tank Overflowing When Flushed

The overflowing problem causes the flush problem. When your toilet tank has an overflow problem, your toilet flushing system is not working because the fill valve or other system needs to be worked properly.

On the other hand, toilet tank overflowing also causes because of the damaged tank, faulty flapper, and so on. First of all, you need to find out the problem and then solve the issue.

Most overflowing problems come out because of fill valve and flapper problems. These two things play an important role in proper flushing and avoiding overflowing.

Try to check out them first and then replace them with a new fill valve or flapper. If you are unable to solve the problem, you can purchase them newly.

Why Is My Toilet Tank Overfilling?

If you face a toilet tank overfilling problem, you need to understand that your toilet comes with a fill valve and a faulty flapping problem.

Moreover, toilet tank damage and flush valve problems are other reasons for toilet tank overfilling. However, you need to solve these problems to fix the overfilling problem. If you find a deep problem with the flapper or fill valve, you can replace them with a new flapper or fill valve.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How do I stop my toilet tank from overflowing?

Answer: First, you need to know why your toilet tank has an overflowing problem. However, the flapper and fill valve is the main culprits for overflowing the toilet tank. So, try to solve them as soon as possible to solve the problem.

Q: Why is the water overflowing in my toilet tank?

Answer: Your toilet tank is overflowing with water because of the faulty flapper and fill valve problems. These are the common problems which you easily find. On the other hand, the toilet tank’s damaged and rusted valves also created this problem.

Q: How to fix the toilet overflow valve?

Answer: If you want to fix the overflow valve problem, you need to repair the toilet tank valve. Remove the fill valve from the toilet tank and clean them properly. After that, you need to reassemble the valve. When the valve is damaged completely, you need to purchase a new one and reassemble the fill valve.

Wrapping Up!

Undoubtedly, sometimes the toilet tank comes with an overflowing problem. We have to fix the problem because we need to flush the toilet properly. There are two problems you will find from an overflowing toilet: flooding the bathroom and you don’t flush the toilet properly. So, I would love to suggest you fix the overflowing problem as soon as possible.

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