How to Seal Overflow Holes in Drain? [3 Different & Complete Solutions]

How to Seal Overflow Holes in Drain

Sealing the overflow holes in the drain of your bathroom is easy to do. You will discover plenty of options for sealing your overflow holes drain on the internet. But, I am going to share with you three different ways so that you need to use fewer tools and also spend less time completing the task.

How to seal overflow holes in drain? It is a common question when you need to seal the hole in your bathroom drain. First of all, you can use waterproof tape, a portable drain cover, and permanent sealing to seal the overflow holes in the drain.

These three methods you will get with detailed information so that you can easily seal your overflow holes in the drain. Check out the following content and apply it to your bathroom hole drain.

How to Seal Overflow Holes in Drain?

This section helps you to get three methods to seal the overflow holes in drain. Moreover, the first two methods are temporary, which means you can remove the seals when you want. The 3rd method is permanent, and you won’t be able to remove the seal.

However, collect the following tools and then start the process.

  • Waterproof tape
  • Portable drain cover
  • A drilling machine
  • Round metal plate

Method 1: Using Waterproof Tape

If you want to seal overflow holes on the drain but do not spend much money, this process is quicker and the best solution for you. You need to ensure that you are using quality waterproof tape.

Now, it is time to stop the water. Use the tape whole drain section. The process is complete. You can turn on the water and see if the sealing is working.

Method 2: Use a Portable Drain Cover

You can use this temporary sealing method to seal the drain. Typically, the portable drain cover comes with a silicone or rubber system.

You can apply them on your drain areas and remove them instantly anytime. It would be better for you to choose a rubber portable drain cover because it is portable, non-destroyable, and also provides other benefits than a silicone drain cover.

Method 3: Permanent Sealing

Do you want to seal your overflow drain permanently? You are coming to the right place. To do that, you need to make two holes. You can use a drill machine to make a hole.

Now, use the metal plate on the hole and also use some screws so that you can secure the plate and the drain permanently seal.

How to Clean Overflow Hole in Sink?

How to Clean Overflow Hole in Sink

To clean the overflow hole in the sink, you need to complete a simple and effective way. Don’t worry, you will discover a complete solution here. So, let’s get started.

  1. First and foremost, you need to stick the funnel on the sink
  2. Use baking soda, and if possible, try to use white vinegar at the same time on the hole
  3. Down the funnel and gradually pour the vinegar
  4. After completing these three ways, you need to wait for a minimum of 20-minutes so that it works properly.
  5. Finally, flush the holes. You can turn on the shower tub so that the water easily cleans the overflow hole in the sink.

These 5-points are truly working to clean the hole. You can also use dish soap, a cleaning tablet, or some other liquids to solve the problem.

Things Before Sealing the Overflow Drain Hole

Here, you will get a few tips I collected from the plumbers and my own experience. So, apply the tips when you are sealing the overflow drain hole.

  • When you are going to seal the drain hole, you should wear hand gloves to protect the hands from dirt, waste, and other problems.
  • If you use a knife or other sharp items, you need to be careful that the sink is not scratched or injured your finger.
  • After removing the screws, you need to store them in a safe place to find them easily later.
  • Finally, the tape should come with high quality; otherwise, after some days, the tape automatically removed

The tips must be applied when you are sealing the sink or bathroom drain hole. Try to avoid permanent sealing because of the hassle enough to remove the seal after assembling.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Can I plug the overflow drain?

Answer: You can plug the overflow drain, but it is not a good option for your overflow drain. It would be better for you to screw the overflow drain to get the best performance.

Q: Why does the sink drain have holes on the side?

Answer: Your sink drain has holes on the side because of easy to drain and saves space. When flushing the waste, the on-side drain hole helps the waste easily go on the drain. Another benefit is that you can easily clean the waste when you need it.

Q: What is the overflow hole in a sink called?

Answer: The overflow hole in the sink is called sink overflow. There is no rule set that the overflow hole sink should be called sink overflow because the plumbers pronounce the word, which is now popular.

Final Words!

How to seal overflow holes in the drain? Now, you have three different solutions which you can apply in your sink or bathroom drain hole. Using tape is a less expensive and easy way to seal the hole in the drain.

You can also use a permanent solution when you don’t need to use the sink anymore. But, using a permanent sealing solution should be avoidable because you may never turn back to using the sinkhole.

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