How Much Weight Can a Porcelain Toilet Hold? [A Practical Answer]

How Much Weight Can a Porcelain Toilet Hold

Porcelain toilet is one of the most heavy-duty toilets on the toilet industry. No doubt, porcelain toilet provides durability, comfort, and easy installation. But what about weight limitation? Is a porcelain toilet have any weight limitation as it is a heavy-duty toilet?

Or, how much weight can a porcelain toilet hold? Two types of porcelain toilets have different capacities to hold human weight. The wall-mounted porcelain toilet is ready to hold 500-pounds of weight. Similarly, the floor-mounted porcelain toilet is ready to hold 1000 to 1200 pounds of weight.

These are the standard weights. You will get more weight-holding capacity from a porcelain toilet. Which things made this type of toilet stronger than other toilets? I know you have plenty of questions in your mind. Let’s answer all of the questions answered in this article.

How Much Weight Can a Porcelain Toilet Hold?

To measure the standard weight ability of a porcelain toilet, you should check out the materials, constructions, brands, etc.

Because these materials make the porcelain toilet, as well as other toilets, strong or weak; however, check out the following measurement, and if all are perfectly applied on the porcelain toilet, you will get up to 1000 to 1200 pounds weight capacity.

  • Check out that the porcelain material comes with high quality.
  • The hardware of the toilet is another important factor. So, you can choose stainless steel hardware like nuts, wings, and others.
  • Of course, the porcelain toilet comes with quality and advanced technology construction.

When the porcelain toilet maintains these points, you will get a 500-pound wall-mounted and 1000-pounds floor-weight capacity.

Toilet Seat Weight Scale

If you are frustrated with measuring the weight of the toilet seat or are afraid to use the toilet seat because of a broken problem, you can use the toilet seat weight scale.

You will get the toilet seat weight scale from either online or local shops. You need to use a clip to attach the scale to the seat. After assembling the toilet scale, you can sit down on the seat and see the weight limitations of the toilet seat.

Though it is a simple way to measure the toilet seat weight limitation, you may need to spend your money to buy and assemble the scale. To avoid the scale, you can also check out the toilet seat box or user manual to know the weight limits of the toilet seat.

Can You Stand on a Toilet?

The answer is yes. You can stand on a toilet when your weight is adjusted with the toilet. For example, if your weight is 200-pounds and the toilet is ready to take up to 300-pounds weight, you can stand on the toilet.

Though you can stand on a toilet, it is risky for you. Why? Because when you stand on the front side of the toilet, it creates pressure on the other end. In this situation, the toilet is cracked.

The toilet is designed for seating, which distributes your whole weight toilet so that the toilet easily takes the pressure.

How Many Pounds Can a Toilet Hold?

There are two types of toilet seats on the market, and they have different pounds holding capacities. The toilets are wall-hung or wall-mounted, and another is a floor-mounted toilet.

Generally, the wall-mounted toilet holds a maximum of 500-pounds of weight capacity. Moreover, the floor-mounted toilet holds 1000-pounds of weight. The weight range may change based on the toilet quality, construction, materials, and some other factors.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Can a porcelain toilet break?

Answer: It is rare that the porcelain toilet breaks down. However, the porcelain toilet breaks when you create extra pressure. Generally, no person is left in the world whose weight is up to 1000-pounds. That’s why you can keep in mind that the porcelain toilet is not broken.

Q: How much weight can the average toilet hold?

Answer: From my point of view, the average toilet weight is 500-pounds for wall-mounted. On the other hand, the floor-mounted toilet is ready to take a maximum of 1000-pounds of weight. But, the porcelain toilet provides a maximum 1200-pound weight capacity.

Q: Is there a weight limit for wall-hung toilets?

Answer: Of course, the wall-hung toilets are not much strong as floor-mount toilets. However, a wall-hung toilet provides the users maximum of 500-pounds of weight capacity.

Q: How long do porcelain toilets last?

Answer: It is hard enough to say the exact answer. It depends on your toilet quality, use, and other things. However, the porcelain toilet may last for 50 years. If you are in the toilet and use it properly, you will get a minimum of 100 years of performance. It can outlive most people.

Q: What is the difference between porcelain and ceramic toilets?

Answer: First of all, the porcelain material is made of fired clay. This material is rare and the subject of ceramic material. Similarly, the ceramic material is ready to provide waterproof and without any glazing issues.


Porcelain toilet is one of the best material to make durable toilet. Generally, the quality construction, hardware, and other elements make this toilet heavy-duty. Though it is a durable toilet and support long-time performance, it also has weight limitation.

According to the toilet manufacturer, porcelain toilets easily take 1000-pound weight pressure. Sometimes the toilets take nearly 1200-pounds weight capacity. Are you still confused about this matter? You let me know using the following comment section without any hesitations.

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