How to remove rigid toilet supply line? [Simple Process with 6 Steps]

how to remove rigid toilet supply line

Toilet rigid in the supply line may often create a problem that requires hiring a plumber to fix it. Am I right? You may not need to hire a plumber when you are capable of removing a rigid toilet supply, and installing a new rigid toilet supply follows a simple process.

So, how to remove rigid toilet supply line? Don’t be rushed to solve the problem because it is not a singular task. To provide you with a clear removal and installation rigid toilet supply line process, I am going to share with you 6 simple steps.

Noted that it is my personal experience. Though I shared my experience with you, I also took help from the internet as well as other resources. So, stay tuned, and you will remove the rigid and install a new one without getting any problems.

How to Remove Rigid Toilet Supply Line?

Before starting the project, ensure you have the right tools to complete the process. Here is a simple tools list you need to collect without delay.

  • Hand Gloves
  • Screwdrivers
  • A new rigid toilet supply line
  • A waterproof tape
  • Collect an old towel

Step 1: Cut Down the Valve

Your first task is cutting down the valve. Which types of the valve should you cut? You need to cut a straight or angle valve. The angle valve you will discover on the water supply line. After cutting the valve, you should use a clockwise motion so that the water stopped to drop.

Step 2: Empty the Toilet Tank

Now, it is time to empty the toilet tank and all the water. It may take some time; you need to wait.

Step 3: Wipe the Dirt Areas of the Tank

So many plumbers thought that the dirt was not a major issue to clean. But, I think it helps you to get clear water as well as lasting performance. So, take an old towel and clean the dirt areas of the tank.

Step 4: Loose Supply Line

At the end of the toilet tank side, you will see nuts that you need to lose to remove rigid. You can use a screwdriver to loosen the supply line. If the nuts are not loosened, you should use a wrench or plier to lose or remove the nuts.

Step 5: Remove Rigid & Install a New One

Now, you see that existing rigid, which you need to remove. It is simple to remove. Just use your hand to remove the rigid. After that, you should install a new rigid on the tank.

Step 6: Turn On the Valve

Finally, you are near to completing the process. However, turn on the valve, so the water line begins. If you face any restrictions to completing these 6 steps, you will let me know without feeling any hesitation.

Replacing Rigid Toilet Supply Line with Flexible

If you want to replace or remodel a rigid toilet or water supply line with a flexible one in your comfort zone, you need to remove the rigid one and then put in a new one. But how can you do that?

Don’t worry; the process is simple, effective, less expensive, and comfortable. So, let’s check it out to replace the rigid toilet supply line.

First, you should turn off the water supply valve and then lose the nuts of the toilet tank. You will use a wrench or Allen wrench when it comes with an Allen screw. After that, you will easily remove the rigid, and of course, you can easily put in a new rigid toilet supply line.

Overall, you should collect some essential tools, which I provide above as a list. So, collect the tools first and then complete the process.

Toilet Water Supply Line Types

According to toilet plumbers, there are plenty of toilet water supply lines they found on the market. But, the majority of the plumbers found two types of toilet water lines such as Chrome Plated Brass and another one is Flexible Supply Lines.

These two things are different but work in similar ways. I have an experience that a Flexible water supply line is far better than Chrome plated brass water supply line. So, you may often see flexible water supply lines in most of the bathrooms.

Some Additional Information (FAQs)

Q: How do you bend a rigid toilet supply line?

Answer: To bend a rigid toilet supply line, you should remove it and then put in a new one. In the above section, you will find only 6 simple steps which help you to bend a rigid toilet supply line.

Q: How do you remove a water supply line?

Answer: You will remove a water supply line by removing the nuts of the water supply line or toilet tank. You can use a wrench or perfect screwdriver to remove the water supply line hassle-free without facing a single problem.

Q: What is a rigid water supply line?

Answer: The rigid water supply toilet line means it can’t be bent or twisted, breaking, or damaging your toilet water line. If your water supply is not flexible, you should use rigid in your water supply line.

Q: How do you replace a toilet supply line?

Answer: If you want to replace a toilet supply line, you should remove the existing rigid from your toilet first. You will easily remove it after losing the nuts from the toilet. To get a detailed answer, you can check out the above section.

Final Verdict!

How to remove rigid toilet supply line? This question arises in your mind when you want to remodel or replace the rigid from your toilet supply line. Maintaining a simple process, you will easily remove rigid toilet supply lines.

As your helping hand, I have already shared a simple but effective way so that you can easily remove rigid and add a new one. So, check out the above 6-steps and complete them to replace your toilet rigid supply line.

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