How to Install Fabric Shower Curtain Liner with Suction Cups?

Fabric Shower Curtain Liner with suction cups

Do you want to assemble your fabric shower curtain liner with suction cups? It would help if you considered double-hook suction cups. You will discover different types of suction cups on the market, such as plastic, rubber, and others.

It is very simple to hang the fabric shower curtain and liner with the suction cups. Moreover, the suction cups also prevent you from making a hole in the wall. Do you need clarification about installing the shower curtain and liner with suction cups? Keep reading to get further information.

How to Install Fabric Shower Curtain Liner with Suction Cups?

Fabric shower curtains and liners are two different things. It is tricky enough to assemble these two things in a single suction cup hook. It would be better for you to consider double-hook suction cups to hassle-free hang the curtain and liner.

However, the following effective process allows you to hang the shower curtain and liner hassle-free. So, collect the listed elements and complete the whole process step-by-step to assemble the fabric and liner at the same time.

  • Double hook suction cups
  • Sandpaper or an old piece of cloth
  • A marker

Step 1: Mark the Installed Area

First and foremost, you need to mark the installed area. You can use a black marker so that it can be visible. The number of marking areas depends on your number of suctions cups.

Step 2: Prepare the Installation Area

Now, it is time to clean the marking area where you need to assemble the suction cup. To stick suction cups properly, you need to clean the marking area with sandpaper or old cloth. After cleaning, you just need to dry the area properly.

Step 3: Put the Suction Cup

Put the suction cups on the cleaning area of the wall. Create some extra pressure to stick the suction cups on the wall. Before leaving this step, make sure that the suction cups are stuck strongly to the wall.

Step 4: Put the Curtain & Liner with the Suction Cups

Finally, you need to put the suction cups hook with the curtain and liner. Insert the suction cup hook on the curtain and liner holes. It is easy to do. You don’t need to use tools to insert the shower curtain and liner with the suction cup hook.

Shower Curtain Liner with Suction Cups on Sides

To assemble your shower curtain liner with suction cups on one side, you have to choose one side suction cup from the market. This type of suction cup is designed for one side installation.

After collecting the one-side angle shower curtain suction cups, you need to hang them on the wall. You can assemble the suction cups in any space.

Note, before buying this type of suction cup; you should keep in mind that the suction cups must come with two hooks system. Because liner and curtain are two different things and you need to hang them with different hooks.

Shower Curtain Clips

If you are unable to use shower curtain suction cups to hang your shower curtain, you can use shower curtain clips. Shower curtain clips are strong enough to hang your curtain or liner.

You need to buy the clips from the shop to install the shower curtain with clips. You will get the clips from both online and offline shops.

After that, you need to stick the cups on the wall. Now, it is time to insert the end part of the curtain or liner where you want to assemble the clips. The clips strongly hold your shower curtain or liner without damaging problems.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Which is better, a fabric shower liner or plastic?

Answer: A fabric shower liner is much better than plastic. Fabric liner provides pleasant performance. But a plastic liner is easy to clean than a fabric shower liner. In a word, the fabric shower liner is environment-friendly and doesn’t come with any chemicals.

Q: Can you use a fabric shower liner as a shower curtain?

Answer: Shower curtain and liner are two different things. A liner is not a good option for the shower curtain. Because the liner is always installed backside of the shower curtain, it would be better for you to use a fabric shower liner beside the shower curtain.

Q: How long do fabric shower liners last?

Answer: The fabric shower liners should be cleaned after 6 months. The fabric shower liner last 6 months. Because it needs to clean properly after this time, it would be better for you to avoid fabric shower liners for several reasons.

Q: Do fabric shower liners go inside or outside?

Answer: The fabric shower liner or other materials should go inside the tub. You need to use your fabric shower curtain front side of the liner. However, you can also keep the fabric shower liners outside. There is no rule that you need to keep your shower liner inside the tub.

Wrapping Up!

The shower curtain and liner suction cups should come with double hooks because you need to hang these two things in different hooks. According to my experience, the shower curtain and liner should be installed in different hooks because of the easy-to-assemble and perfect combination.

So, try to use two hook suction cups to properly install the liner and the shower curtain outside. Do you have any questions or queries about this matter? You let me know in the following comment section.

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