Why Are There 2 Buttons on a Toilet? [In Depth Explanation]

Why are there 2 buttons on a toiletNow, most toilets come with two flush buttons, such as a single (half flush) and dual (full flush) system. In the past time, the toilet comes with only a single flush button. After that, it was discovered that the single flush system was not enough for flushing; that’s why the toilet manufacturers used buttons on a toilet, such as single (half) and dual (full) flush.

A dual flush system toilet is more popular than a single-button toilet. Because dual flush system toilet comes with high flushing power, which cleans the whole toilet and dissolves the toilet paper. There are plenty of advantages users get to using a dual flush toilet system.

Now, let’s discuss in detail about this matter why a manufacturer used 2 buttons on a toilet so that you can get further information about this matter. Stay tuned.

Why Are There 2 Buttons on a Toilet?

First of all, you need to know the benefits of using a 2 buttons toilet flush system. Two buttons you will discover on your toilet one is small, and another is large. The small button provides you with a half flush system, and the large button provides you full flush system.

Now, let’s discuss these two flush systems so that you can clearly understand this matter.

Single Flush (Small Button of Your Toilet)

With the single flush system, you will easily identify to see the small button on your toilet. So many people also know it as a half flush system. The single flush toilet is made of very limited water, which helps you to get a simple flush.

If you are using hard toilet tissue and flush them with a single flush, it is hard enough for the toilet to dissolve. Moreover, your toilet pipe is also clogged. So, it is clearly said that you can use a single flush system of your toilet for very light work after using the toilet.

What Is Dual Flush Toilet Button (Large Button of Your Toilet)

A dual flush system is designed for the toilet, which needs to clean heavy waste such as tissue, pee, and other elements. You will easily identify the dual flush system by seeing the large button on the toilet.

Note that this dual flush system is also known as a full flush toilet. If you need to use toilet paper for your toilet, I would love to suggest you use a dual flush system without thinking anymore. I hope that you can understand whatever I said to you.

Single Flush Toilets Pros and Cons


  • They are less expensive to buy
  • Easy to clean the single flush toilet
  • Provides a durable performance


  • The single flush toilet is not deal with clogged

Dual Flush Toilets Pros and Cons


  • Provides extreme toilet water to flush properly
  • It is capable of saving water
  • A dual flush toilet always saves the toilet pipe from clogging
  • A dual flush toilet more powerful than a single flush toilet


  • The Dual Flush system toilet is more expensive
  • It is hard enough to clean

Why Do European Toilets Have Two Buttons?

European’s used toilet paper, and they also needed some extra pressure to flush the toilet. On the other hand, the cold time in Europe also demands high pressure that the flush process properly completes; that’s why they need two buttons (single and dual flush system).

On the other hand, a single flush system (small toilet button) is used for regular tasks. Similarly, sometimes they face great problems with flushing; that’s why they use dual flush (large button) on the toilet, which provides them with an easy flush system.

How to Use Dual Flush Toilet?

Suppose you find two toilet buttons, such as single and dual flush systems. The small button indicates to use of the single flush system, and the dual flush system comes with a large-size button. On the other hand, a dual flush toilet system provides you with a solid flush and takes less water.

You need to press the large-size button to use a dual flush toilet. You need to press it one time, and if the toilet is not working, you can press the dual flush button again. If you think you are still confused about using a dual flush toilet, let me know in the following comment box.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How do you use the two buttons on a toilet?

Answer: You can use the two buttons on a toilet for regular times and emergency times. If you want to flush regularly, you can use a single flush button. And, if you think that you need to provide extra pressure for flushing, you can use the dual flush button of your toilet.

Q: What do the buttons on the toilet mean?

Answer: The buttons of the toilet mean the flushing system. If you find only one button, your toilet is probably a single flush toilet or dual flush toilet, which depends on your toilet. On the other hand, when you find two buttons, then you need to understand that your toilet comes with two buttons, such as single and dual.

Q: Why do some toilets have 2 flushes?

Answer: Because of providing both half and full flush system. When you see a toilet that comes with two flushes, that means the toilet probably comes with a single and dual flush system so that users can hassle-free flush after using the toilet.

Q: What are the cons of a dual flush toilet?

Answer: Dual flush toilet provides you with so many advantages, but it also has some disadvantages too. However, the core cons of a dual flush toilet are hard enough to clean, expensive, and also hard enough to repair.


Single and dual flush toilets are much more popular in USA and UK as well as Canada. The single flush toilet is also known as a half flush toilet system. Moreover, a dual flush toilet is also known as a full flush toilet which you find the large size button.

So, you can use any of the buttons based on your need. I hope that the above article clears your confusion and you may easily use the toilet flush button when you need it. Best of luck.

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