Does Toilet Paper Clog Pipes? [Need to Consider 3 Points]

Does toilet paper clog pipesDoes toilet paper clog pipes? It depends on your toilet flush system, toilet paper, and some other factors. However, if you use a single flush toilet and hard toilet paper in your toilet, your toilet pipes will probably become clogged.

No doubt, toilet paper clogs the toilet pipes, but not all of the toilet paper clog your toilet pipe. However, this article provides you with some proper sign which helps you to understand which things clog your toilet pipe beside the toilet paper. Stay connected and complete the whole article to get real-life data.

Does Toilet Paper Clog Pipes?

There is some toilet paper clogging the pipes. Similarly, you will discover some popular toilet paper that comes with a soft texture to dissolve quickly on the toilet so that the toilet easily avoids clogging. However, you can check out the following section to understand why your toilet pipe clogs.

Why Does Toilet Pipes Clog?

Why Does Toilet Pipes clog

From this point, you will discover some serious points which help you to understand why your toilet clogs, and you will also get the best solution to avoid clogging the toilet pipes. So, let’s break down the following points.

1. Hard Toilet Paper

First and foremost, the hard toilet paper clogs the pipes without any doubt. However, if you want to avoid clogging your toilet, you should use soft texture toilet paper. For example, you can use Rapid-dissolving toilet paper to quickly dissolve the toilet paper.

2. Low Flow Toilet

If your toilet comes with a low flow or low flush system, you may face clog problems in your toilet. After checking the soft toilet paper and if you think that it is not working, you can check out this section. Note that so many toilet owners face the low-flow toilet system.

3. Rough Pipe

When your toilet pipes are too old, your toilet pipe may clog easily. An old toilet pipe becomes rough and doesn’t flow waste as well as water properly. So, it would be better for you to check out the pipe. If you think that it is properly rough, you should avoid it and install a new pipe.

How to Dissolve Toilet Paper Clog?

No doubt, you will discover plenty of methods on the internet to dissolve the toilet paper clog; I am going to share with you one of the best methods to dissolve the toilet paper clog. So, check out the following guideline to dissolve your toilet paper, which creates a clog.

Step 1: Flush Toilet (If Possible, Use Dual Flush Button)

First and foremost, you need to flush the toilet at least 2-times with high pressure. You can use a dual flush toilet system to create extra pressure. Or, you can press two buttons at the same time to get extra pressure on your toilet so that your toilet paper dissolves quickly.

Step 2: Take a half Gallon of Hot Water

If you think that the toilet paper is not dissolved properly after flushing, you need to take hot water based on your toilet size. You should not take extreme hot water, which affects the toilet materials. Take half a gallon of hot water to get the best performance.

Step 3: Use Dish Soap

After that, you need to take half bottle of dish soap and drop the soap on the hot water. After dropping the soap, you should mix them properly. You can use a hand tool to mix the dish soap and hot water properly.

Step 4: Wait Half an Hour

After mixing, you should wait half an hour to mix the water and soap properly. It would be better for you to continuously mix the water and soap so that the soap and water are easily mixed. Now, it is time to use the water and soap.

However, you can smoothly drop the elements on the toilet so that the mixing water easily reaches out on the toilet paper, and it can dissolve without much delay and remove the clog.

If you face any problems completing this process, you can feel free to let me know in the comment box so that we can solve your problems as soon as possible.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Does toilet paper damage pipes?

Answer: The official answer is yes, the toilet paper damage your toilet pipes when you are using hard toilet paper. All of the toilet paper is not dissolved properly. So, you need to choose a soft texture and quick dissolving toilet paper to avoid damaging toilet pipes.

Q: Can toilet paper get stuck in pipes?

Answer: If your toilet does not come with a powerful flush and you are using hard toilet paper, you may face this problem. According to our experience, the hard toilet paper gets stuck most of the time, especially in low-flow water toilets.

Q: How do you dissolve toilet paper in pipes?

Answer: You can use hot water and dish soap to dissolve the toilet paper in pipes. Moreover, you can also use some chemicals in your toilet so that you can easily dissolve toilet paper in pipes. Of course, you need to use quick dissolving toilet paper to avoid this type of problem.

Q: Can toilet paper cause a clog?

Answer: Of course, toilet paper causes a clog. Most of the toilet pipes are stuck because of toilet paper, and finally, they clog. That’s why you should avoid hard texture toilet paper to avoid clogging problems from your toilet pipe.

Final Words!

Toilet paper is an important element, and we need to use and choose toilet paper carefully. When you are failed to choose the right toilet paper for your toilet, you may face clog, stuck, and other problems.

So, it is clear to you that the toilet papers are capable of clogging the pipe. You can use soft texture toilet paper like Rapid-dissolving toilet paper for the best practice. To use the above method, you can also remove clogs from the toilet.

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