What Size Hole for Toilet Flange? [A Perfect Measurement]

what size hole for toilet flange

Before measuring the hole size of a toilet flange pipe, you should know where you will use the flange or the amount of waste that passes through the flange. So, you will find different sizes of a hole in the toilet flange, but you will also get a standard-size hole in the flange.

So, what size hole for toilet flange? The diameter of the toilet flange pipe should be 3-4-inches based on the waste. Plumbers recommend choosing a 4-inch hole for the toilet flange pipe because of easily passes waste through the pipe and never creates a jam problem.

A Toilet flange pipe is an essential thing for the toilet drainage system. Besides the flange’s hole size, what should you remember when working with a toilet flange? This article is ready to clear all of the confusion.

What Size Hole for Toilet Flange?

Before measuring the toilet flange pipe size, I suggest you check out the following points so that you can easily measure the holes and choose your toilet of the flange.

  • If the waste needs to pass a vast way, you should go for 4-inch holes.
  • Check out the drainage size of the toilet. When the drain size comes with narrow space, you should stay within a 3-inches hole.
  • The hole size also depends on other toilet factors. If you want to use the toilet flange for both the tub and toilet drain, you must go a minimum of 4-inches holes in the flange pipe.

Based on the above points, it is clear that the toilet flange pipe should come with 3-4 inches. You should not go up to 4-inches toilet flange pipe because of installation problems.

What Size Hole to Cut in Subfloor for Toilet Flange?

What Size Hole to Cut in Subfloor for Toilet Flange

Comparing the flange pipe of the toilet, you can also cut a 3-4 inches hole in the subfloor. The 3-4 inches hole works for both the subfloor and the toilet flange pipe. But you can also measure the toilet flange pipe or subfloor based on the waste and drainage line.

On the other hand, for the subfloor toilet flange, you can choose the space of the toilet drain. Of course, you need to keep this in mind of this thing. So many toilets don’t allow 4 or more size holes because of an installation problem.

Undoubtedly, a 3-4-inches hole to cut the subfloor for the toilet flange is standard, and the majority of the toilet diameter accepts it. But it would be far better for you to choose the right measurement after contacting your plumbers.

Hole Size for 3 Toilet Flange

You can choose a 4-inch hole for a 3-inch toilet flange pipe. Why? Because it provides the pipe more flexibility, makes it easy to transfer waste, and also takes enough pressure.

What happens when you choose a 3-inch hole size for a 3-inch size toilet flange pipe? Your drainage faces several problems when you set this size hole. For example, the waste transfer is lacking, and the flange pipe needs to take more pressure on the drainage system.

So, it would be better for you to choose a 4-inch hole size for the 3-inch flange pipe size of the toilet. Or you will also choose a custom size so that the toilet drain system works properly.

Cutting Hole for Toilet Flange

When you install the toilet flange pipe in your toilet, your mind may ask, “which size hole for toilet flange is perfect?” Am I right?

If your mind raises this question and you cannot measure the hole for your toilet, you will use a 3-4-inch flange pipe for the toilet.

This size is standard for most toilets. To get a clearer answer, you can go for a 4-inches toilet flange to transfer more waste and smoothly work on the toilet drainage system. I think you can understand the actual measurement or hole size of the toilet flange.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What is the rough opening for a toilet flange?

Answer: That means there are 12-inch rough openings for a toilet flange pipe. You can choose a 12-inch rough opening for the toilet flange so that the waste and drain system works properly. Moreover, some of the toilet flanges used 10-inch rough because of narrow space.

Q: Where does the hole go on a toilet flange?

Answer: The hole goes on a toilet flange dead center–each 12 ½-inch dead center–each 12 1/2 inches behind the toilet wall. You will get the location behind the toilet in your bathroom.

Q: What is the standard size of a toilet flange?

Answer: The standard hole size of a toilet flange is 3 to 4 inches. The size of the toilet flange depends on your toilet size and the drainage system. So, you can choose any of the sizes to measure the standard size of a toilet flange.

Q: Why are toilet holes so small?

Answer: Toilet holes are small because they don’t need to pass too much waste and other things. Generally, the toilet holes come in 3 to 4 inches sizes.

Q: What diameter is the toilet hole?

Answer: Toilet holes mean toilet flange pipe holes. The diameter of the toilet hole is 3-inches to 4-inches based on the toilet space, waste, and other factors, which I describe in the above section.

Final Words!

A Toilet flange pipe hole is truly essential to maintain a proper draining system. The most usable hole size is 3-inch and 4-inch. A 4-inch toilet flange provides you with more performance, and this size hole is ready to transfer more waste and smoothly work the draining process.

On the other hand, toilet flange pipe hole size is also dependent some important factors. I suggest you check out the above section to get a clear concept about this matter and select the right hole size for the toilet flange.

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