How to Remove Plunger from Bathtub Drain? [Need to Complete 3 Steps]

how to remove plunger from bathtub drain

Your bathtub drain plunger is a small thing that stays under the bathtub drain. The position and installed ways help you easily remove the plunger from the drain of the bathtub. But how to remove plunger from bathtub drain? Or which tools do you need to use to remove it?

To remove the plunger from the bathtub drain, you need to complete only 3-steps. Each of the steps is tested and effective. Note you should also collect some essential tools to remove the plunger from your bathtub drain. So, check out the following articles to get an effective package.

How to Remove Plunger from Bathtub Drain?

It isn’t very easy to provide your exact answer in one word. It is a subjective matter. However, I shared my experience in this section to remove the plunger so that you can get real-life data. Before jumping to the main steps, you should collect the following tools first.

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • A Brush for Cleaning

Step 1: Open the Plunger/Stopper

With the plunger, you need to take an open position and empty the tub (if the tub comes with water). Now, hold the shaft cylinder, and of course, you should use the top counter side clockwise.

To do the work, if the stopper or plunger’s shaft cylinder wants to turn on, you should leave it from your holding. Note you need to unscrew the stopper continuously.

According to my experience, I found the plunger screws rusted, and it is truly hard enough for me to remove them. If you find the same condition, it would be better for you to use some oil and a plier to remove the screws.

Step 2: Touch Plungers Cap Removing

Hold the plunger’s shaft cylinder and turn the cap in your hand to complete this step. After unscrewing the nuts or screws, you can easily remove the cap as well as a portion of the plunger.

Before turning the top of the cap in your hand, make sure that the screws properly unscrew. If you don’t want to use your hand on this matter, you should use a plus to remove the touch plungers cap.

Step 3: Remove the Threaded Post Screwed

Once you have completed the above two steps, you should remove the threaded post screw into the crossbar of the plunger. You need to remove each of the shaft cylinders.

Note that you should be careful when removing the shaft cylinder because they sometimes come with a slot that should not break down.

How to Remove Tub Stopper-no Screw?

In my plumbing experience, there are two types of tub stoppers found, such as screw and non-screw. But the question is, how can you remove the tub stopper when it doesn’t come with screws? It is truly easy enough to remove than a screwed tub stopper.

Let’s check out a simple and short way to remove a tub stopper when your tub doesn’t come with any screws system.

  • First and foremost, lift the stopper from your bathtub
  • Slowly rotated the right and left counter clocks, which you will get from the bathtub
  • Now, you see the slot which you need to remove. The slot you will find at the bottom of the channel
  • Finally, you need to pull the upwards and release your tub stopper

The way is simple. Note you may need to use some tools. Choose slot-removing tools to remove the tub stopper easily.

How to Remove a Lift and Turn Stopper without Screw?

When the stopper doesn’t come with a screw, but you still need to remove the lift and stopper, you should go with a simple process. I have already made a list for you which helps you to remove a lift and turn stopper without screws. Keep reading.

  • Lift the stopper from your toilet or bathtub. Here, you need to use your hand and pull it.
  • After that, I rotated the counter clocks smoothly. It is essential to move around the counter clocks so that they can easily remove.
  • When you complete the above list, you will see the slots on the bottom sides of the channel.
  • Use a slot removal tool so that the stopper turns without screwing.

Is this process complicated for you? You will hire a plumber to complete the task. Or you will also contact us to get more information and the best suggestion.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How do you get a stuck plunger out of a bathtub?

Answer: To remove a stuck plunger from your bathtub, you need to find out whether the plunger comes with screws or non-screws. If the plunger comes with a screw system, you can use a screwdriver to remove the plunger. To get further information, check out the above sections.

Q: How do you remove a drain plunger?

Answer: You will remove a drain plunger to remove screws and lift the plunger from the bathtub. Moreover, you need to remove the slot of the drain plunger and push it with your hand. Now, you successfully remove the drain plunger.

Q: Can you remove bathtub drain stopper?

Answer: Of course, you can remove the bathtub drain stopper without facing any problems. But, it would be better for you to follow a simple process to remove the bathtub drain stopper, which I discussed in the above section.

Wrapping Up!

Don’t worry; removing the plunger from the bathtub drain is a simple and easy way. You just need to complete only 3-steps without getting any problem removing the plunger. If you find the plunger too old, it should be better for you to use oil and other elements to remove it.

I shared my successful experience with you, and it is truly working. The above 3-steps are a rocket science method that you can follow and remove the plunger.

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