Need 15 or 20 or Upper GFCI | What Size GFCI for a Bathroom?

what size GFCI for bathroomGFCI is a type of circuit breaker which is used in bathrooms to shut off electricity from both incoming and outcoming. It protects your bathroom from electric mixing with the water. Actually, the GFCI is not measured by the size of the bathroom.

So, what size GFCI for a bathroom? Typically, the GFCI is measured with AMP of power. The minimum requirement of GFCI in the bathroom is 20-amp power. Most of the bathrooms used 220-amp GFCI to protect their bathroom from electricity.

If you want to protect your bathroom from electricity, you should use the GFCI in all your bathroom sections. Let’s discuss in detail to get a clear concept and the power or other method so that you will get a clear view.

What Size GFCI for Bathroom?

The GFCI is an important factor in avoiding electricity in the bathroom as well as saving the bathroom. Most of the bathroom uses 15 to 20 AMP power for their bathroom. On the other hand, they use two or more, even 4 and 5 GFCI, in the bathroom for strong safety.

When you are buying the GFCI, you should keep in mind the bathroom size and other factors. How can you measure the factors? Well, your plumber provides you with all the factors so you can hassle-free use the GFCI.

How Many AMP GFCI for Bathroom?

How Many AMP GFCI for Bathroom

The minimum requirement of GFCI for the bathroom is 20-amp. But, you can also use 15-0amp for your bathroom when the bathroom is small enough and does not come with many electric elements.

GFCI 15 or 20 amp bathroom means you can easily avoid the electricity from your bathroom. Note that you need to set up the 15 or 20 AMP GFCI in your outdoor bathroom. Are you still confused about measuring the right AMP of GFCI for your bathroom? If yes, let me know in the following comment box.

Moreover, it is better for you to use one more GFCI in your bathroom, which takes more AMP in your bathroom to protect from the electricity. If the bathroom comes with a large size and vast electrical elements, you should use at least 2 GFCI in your bathroom.

How Do I Know If I Need a 15 AMP or 20 AMP GFCI?

How Do I Know If I Need a 15 AMP or 20 AMP GFCI

If your bathroom comes with LED light, exhaust fan, cold and hot water system, and lots of electrical elements, you should go for 20-amp GFCI in your bathroom. A 15-amp GFCI may be better for the bathroom, but it needs much pressure, which may not be a good option for your electrical system.

Or you can also install your 15-amp GFCI into the 20-amp circuit. So, it depends on you which power you use for your bathroom. According to my experience, 20-amp GFCI is far better than 15-amp GFCI because of taking an extra load and protects the bathroom from electricity strongly.

20-amp GFCI outlets vs. 15-amp GFCI outlets

From this section, you will get a perfect comparison between 20-amp GFCI and 15-amp GFCI outlets, as well as a circuit and AMP chart so that you can get a clear concept of which size GFCI you need for your bathroom.

[ninja_tables id=”226″]

I hope that this chart helps you to understand which GFCI (15-amp or 20-amp) is perfect for you. Before installing the GFCI, you should measure the bathroom and GFCI AMP.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What’s the difference between 15 and 20 amp GFCI?

Answer: There are plenty of differences I found between both 15-amp to 20-amp. For example, a 15-amp GFCI is installed into the 20-amp. But, you can’t install 20-amp GFCI into the 15-amp GFCI.

Q: Do you need 20 amp outlets in the bathroom?

Answer: 20-amp outlets in the bathroom are standard for most bathrooms. So, you can easily use 20-amp outlets to protect the bathroom from electricity and avoid the risk of heating and other elements.

Q: Can I put a 15 amp GFCI on a 20 amp circuit?

Answer: 20-amp GFCI circuit is accepted 15-amp GFCI. So, you can easily assemble a 15-amp GFCI circuit into the 20-amp circuit without facing any problems. Note, if you are a beginner, you should hire a technician to

Q: What GFCI to use in a bathroom?

Answer: Generally, GFCI is used in bathrooms to avoid electric risk. On the other hand, the GFCI comes with different AMP, which means you need to use a standard AMP power for GFCI in your bathroom.

To Sum It Up

Now, you have a clear concept of the perfect size of the GFCI for the bathroom. I strongly believe that the comparison table and all the information help you understand how to use the right amp in the bathroom. From my point of view, you can use 20-amp GFCI in your bathroom to protect the bathroom from electricity.

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