Types of Toilet Seat Fixings | Two Most Popular Fixings

Types of toilet seat fixings

When thinking of remodeling your toilet, you may often think about toilet seat fixings. Using the right toilet fixing users will get some extra advantages. For example, you can silently open and close the toilet and get durability.

But which types of toilet seat fixings are suitable for your toilet? Toilet fixings have two types, such as top and bottom fixings. The bottom toilet fixing comes with underneath wing nuts which are also connected to the top fixing. Similarly, the top seat fixing comes with two bolts with a pan that strongly connects the toilet seat.

Is this confusing for you? If so, I suggest you keep reading the following sections of this article to get a clear answer.

Types of Toilet Seat Fixings (2 Fixings)

Below you will get the proper information that toilet seat fixing comes in two different types and works differently.

Let’s make a comparison with some basic information about these two types of toilet seat fixing. Note I collected the information from toilet plumbers and manufacturers.

Top Toilet Seat Fixings

You will discover top toilet seat fixings on modern toilets. Generally, the top fixing is developed for the newly designed toilet because it makes the toilet seat more secure.

However, this fixing doesn’t need a deep hole to assemble. The pan and the fixing design easily reach the bottom of the hole.

On the other hand, before installing the seat fixing, you need to check out the hole, nuts, and other factors. Because if your toilet comes with an older model, you are unable to assemble the top fixing of your toilet seat.

Bottom Toilet Seat Fixings

When you ask a plumber which toilet seat fixing is used widely, they will let you know it is the bottom toilet seat fixings because this fixing works far better and provides the users with a long-lasting performance.

However, to install this fixing, you just need to ensure that the hole and pan come in the proper way. The hole of the wings nut should come with a deep position so that the fixing easily reaches out.

You may be happy to hear that the bottom fixings are widely available on the market. To install the fixing, you can easily get all of the accessories on the market.

Can You Fit a Top Fix Toilet Seat to Any Toilet?

The straightforward answer is no. You can’t assemble a top fixed toilet seat to any toilet because of shape, designs, holes, wings, as well as others.

The first barrier you will face is finding out the right deep size of the hole. Generally, top fixing easily accesses the depth hole, but when you use the wrong toilet seats, it may not secure and move when you sit down on the toilet.

Secondly, the wing’s shape and size are different from different toilet seats. It is hard enough to find out the perfect wing size for multiple top-fixing toilet seats.

Overall, the top fixing toilet seat needs to be installed with the bottom fixing toilet seats. So, if you find out your toilet seat used bottom fixing, you should instantly avoid installing the toilet seats.

How to Replace New Toilet Seat Fixings?

Let’s assemble two types of toilet seat fixings on your toilet. Just follow the below process to replace your toilet properly and securely.

How to Install Bottom Fixing Toilet Seat?

To assemble the bottom fixing toilet seat, you can complete the following steps. These steps help you gradually replace the bottom fixing the toilet seat.

  • Step 1: Find out the previous fixing. You will discover it on the backside of the toilet.
  • Step 2: Now, you see wing nuts on the backside of the toilets. After seeing that, you need to remove the wings using your hands. If the wings rusted, you should use a wrench to remove them.
  • Step 3: After removing the wings, you will be able to assemble a new toilet seat. Use the bottom fixing toilet seat because your toilet has already been prepared for this fixing.
  • Step 4: Finally, set up the fixing and use wings, as well as secure the wings to complete the process. Tightly secure the wings so that the toilet seat doesn’t move.

How to Install Top Fixing Toilet Seat?

Replacing your top fixing toilet seat is easy to do. You need to do some important things when you are going to assemble the toilet seat. So, let me assemble the top-fixing toilet seat for you.

  • Step 1: First, you must remove the previous toilet seat. To remove it, you need to locate the wings and nuts which you get on the back side of the toilet.
  • Step 2: Use your hand and turn the nuts left. If you face difficulty in removing it, you should use a plier or wrench.
  • Step 3: In this step, you will get a cap. Use a screwdriver to remove the cap.
  • Step 4: Finally, the previous toilet fixing seat will be removed, and you will be able to install a new one. Take a new top-fixing toilet seat and assemble them the proper way.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What is the difference between top-fix and bottom-fix toilet seats?

Answer: The installation, shape, designs, and wings are different. Top fixings are modern and nowadays use this fixing most of the toilets. On the other hand, bottom fixing toilets are older and now hardly use this fixing.

Q: How do I stop my toilet seat from moving sideways?

Answer: If you want to stop your toilet seat from moving sideways, you should securely assemble the toilet seat fixing. Similarly, for the wings and nuts, you need to assemble the right size so they can easily reach out on the holes.

Final Verdicts!

The bottom and top toilet seat fixings have been coming for a long-time. But bottom fixings are older than top fixing toilets. Nowadays, you may discover top-fixing toilet seats in most toilets because of easy assembly, user-friendly, secure connection, and others.

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