Types of Bidet with Pros and Cons | 5 Different Bidets

Types of bidet with pros and cons

Bidets toilets have been invented and used for more than 100 years. Some people find bidets beneficial, but others find them useless. You should take a clear view of the bidet to decide whether to assemble the toilet in your bathroom.

Different types of bidets come with pros and cons. We help you to understand this matter clearly. For this reason, I am going to share with you 5-different types of bidets with their pros and cons. So, don’t fly anywhere. Keep reading to get further information.

Types of Bidet with Pros and Cons

You can discover different types of bidets in the market. For this reason, I have listed out 5 different bidets, and you will discover the pros and cons of the toilet. Let’s break down the following 5 bidets and their pros and cons.

1. Standalone Bidet

The Standalone bidet almost looks like a traditional bidet. This type of bidet is much popular in France. This type of bidet has come on the market since the 1700s. Let’s know the pros and cons of this bidet.


  • Its spray nozzle provides you with excellent performance
  • It’s long-size provides the users with maximum comfort
  • You can change the fixing plumbing


  • It needs extra space to assemble

2. Diaper Sprayer Bidet

This is a spray bidet that is more flexible than a standalone bidet. It designs in a way that you can comfortably move around your bathroom in any position. Though this bidet is good enough, you will also discover some cons.


  • Easy to move any positions
  • Provides a powerful spray option
  • The shape and flush provide maximum comfort


  • Generally, a diaper sprayer bidet comes at a steep price.

3. The Bidet Attachment

People thought that bidet attachment was suitable for only toilet seats. The bidet attachment maintains all of the toilets. Even you can use a bidet for your shower head to control the water temperature.


  • You can maintain the toilet as well as the toilet seat via bidet
  • Universally fit
  • Provides versatile performance


  • Hard enough to assemble and remove

4. Electric Bidet for Toilet & Shower

Electric bidets are truly awesome for the toilet as well as the shower. With this bidet, you can easily control temperature, position, etc. The Washlet bidet is more popular and best than other electric bidets. So, if you think you will assemble an electric bidet, you can choose Washlet.


  • You can use an electric bidet in any weather condition
  • It helps you to change the toilet direction just by using the control panel
  • User-friendly and provides maximum comfort


  • Increased electricity bill

5. Electric Travel Bidet

electric bidet

Are you planning to camp outdoors in your home? You must avoid the toilet. The electric travel bidet is operated by a battery powered. Because of the vast space, you can use further times of electric travel bidet. And, of course, it provides a powerful flush system.


  • Easy to carry from one place to the next place
  • Capable of taking enough load
  • Easy to use and operate


  • It doesn’t take the extra load
  • Expensive

What Kind of Bidet Should I Buy?

What Kind of Bidet Should I Buy

If you want to choose the right bidet for you, you should maintain some principles. The following helps you to consider the right bidet in your bathroom.

  • To use the bidet in your bathroom, you should go for the electric bidet. Why? Because an electric bidet provides you with lots of benefits over a non-electric bidet.
  • For the outdoor toilet, you can choose a non-electric bidet because non-electric bidets are lightweight and easy to use.

Based on your need, you can choose different types of bidets. If you want to change direction anytime and also want to use the toilet in any kind of weather condition, you should not avoid considering an electric bidet.

How to Use a Bidet?

It is easy to use a bidet. First of all, you need to understand whether your bidet comes with electric or non-electric. If the bidet comes with electricity in your toilet, you will discover a dashboard that allows you to control water temperature and toilet direction. You need to follow the signs to use the bidet.

On the other hand, a non-bidet toilet is also easy to use. The non-bidet toilet helps you to operate it just using turns on and off. To get further information about this matter, you will check out the user guideline.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What are the negatives of using a bidet?

Answer: Bidets have so many negative impacts, and that’s why so many people boycott to use of bidets. First of all, the bidet toilet and shower increased the water bill. You may not easily clean the bidet, which is why the toilet or shower pipe has a clogged problem.

Q: What kind of bidet is best?

Answer: According to my experience, electric bidets are far better to use. Moreover, you can choose a non-electric bidet that comes with a simple and easy controlling system. The bidet should come with durable performance to use it for a long-time.

Q: Are there different types of bidets?

Answer: Yes, you will get plenty of types of bidets from the market. For example, you will discover electric, non-electric, sprayer, and so on. To know the popular bidet and their pros and cons, you will check out the above 5 types of bidets.


No doubt, you will discover several bidets on the market. But, the above 5 types of bidets are far better and mostly useable. But electric bidets are more popular than others. Because electric bidet provides extra benefits and an easy user interface. So, check out each of the bidets from the above and get a clear concept about this matter.

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