Why Is My Toilet Water Blue? [Finding & Fixing the Problems]

Why is my toilet water blue

Sometimes we see that the toilet water color becomes blue or yellow. Our toilets don’t contain only one thing because it needs to deal with several elements. For example, the toilet comes with a pipe, seat, bowl, and plenty of things.

But why is my toilet water blue? Your toilet water has become blue because of corrosion in the copper pipe. These are the main culprit which makes the toilet water blue. Hard water and calcium are other elements that also make toilet water color blue.

Let’s find out the exact reasons and solve the problem of keeping the toilet healthy and clean. Stay tuned.

Why Is My Toilet Water Blue?

Turning the blue color of your toilet water means that the water is affected by corrosion and copper. These two elements affected the toilet water pipe.

Moreover, the toilet waterline also causes the blue color of the toilet water. When you don’t assemble the tank and toilet pipe properly way, your toilet may face this problem.

After finding this problem, you should take proper action to solve the problem as soon as possible. Let’s discuss in detail about this matter to get further information.

Is Toilet Blue Water Dangerous for You?

Copper in water is dangerous for you. But, when it comes to your toilet water, you should not worry about blue water because it doesn’t create any problems in your toilet as well as your skin. But when you get blue water full of copper in your shower or kitchen waterline, you must need to worry.

Well, copper created several human problems, such as nausea, stomach cramps, and so on. After knowing the effects of blue water in your toilet, your mind may raise a simple question for solving this issue.

How to Get Rid of Blue Toilet Water?

How to Get Rid of Blue Toilet Water

Removing blue toilet water from your toilet is a complex task. Sometimes, it is so hard enough to remove blue water because of working sensitive areas. However, I suggest you follow a couple of ways to get rid of blue toilet water.

Change the Pipe in Your Waterline

The main culprit to make toilet water blue is a corroded pipe. Moreover, most of the plumbers believe that corroded pipes create blue toilet water.

To fix the problem, you should remove corroded pipes and fittings, especially your plumbing system, which ages come with a minimum of 15 years. If you think the pipe is hard enough to clean, you should purchase pipe and fittings to eliminate this problem.

Use Water Filter

When you are unable to remove the pipe or doing any critical ways to fix the problem, you should use a water filter to fix the problems.

You will discover many pre-build water filters that you can add to your septic tank or water pipe. Water filter comes with filtering elements that are ready to freshen your toilet water.

Use Cleaning Tablet

This is one of the easiest ways to clean the water and get rid of the blue color from your toilet. You can use a regular toilet tablet or weekly tablet to clean the toilet properly.

You will get some extra benefits from using the table to clean toilet water. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of using a toilet water cleaning tablet.


  • Toilet tablets are inexpensive and easy to use
  • Besides water, the tablet also unclogs the toilet pipe
  • Easy to store, and you can use blue toilet cleaning toilet for a long-time
  • Easily clean mineral problems of the water
  • No doubt, the table is able to clean corroded problem


  • Sometimes the tables are stuck on the pipe

How Long Does Blue Toilet Water Last?

When you don’t clean blue water from your toilet, you may need to wait 4 to 6 months. It may take more time when you don’t apply anything.

Without waiting to keep away the blue toilet water automatically, you should use tablets and chemicals and, if possible clean the toilet pipe. These things help you clean your toilet with blue water and provide fresh water.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How to make toilet water blue?

Answer: The toilet water becomes blue when it comes with corrodes and other problems. Sometimes the water color changes because of hard water, calcium, stain, and so on. Try to solve this problem by getting a blue water-free toilet.

Q: What turns toilet water blue?

Answer: Corroded is the main culprit, which makes water blue. Moreover, copper also makes the toilet water blue directly. These two problems come from the toilet pipe and the toilet bowl. The plumbers believe that the blue water of the toilet comes from these problems.

Q: What does blue toilet water do?

Answer: When your toilet comes with blue color, it produces a bad smell, and you must always clean the toilet. Moreover, blue water may affect your posture because of copper and corroded problems. There are several problems your toilet faces when it comes to blue water.

Q: How to turn toilet water blue?

Answer: Your toilet water turning blue means the toilet pipes have some problems. When you flush the toilet, it creates pressure to bring water from the pipe. If the pipe comes with corroded and causes other problems, you face blue water problems.

Wrapping Up!

Why is my toilet water blue? It is a common question, and your mind raises this question when water becomes blue and spreads a bad smell. Corroded and copper are the main problems that create your toilet water blue. Use a toilet water cleaning tablet or water filter, or repair the toilet pipe to solve the problem as soon as possible.

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