Toilet Bubbling When Tub Drains | Why & What Should You Do?

Toilet bubbling when tub drains

Your toilet bubbling when the tub drain means the toilet comes with vent and vent code problems. The bubble occurs because of a wet vent and the wrong use code of the vent. The water pressure on the vent pipe and sewer gases outside make bubbles in your bathtub.

The tub drain produces bubbles because of several reasons. This article helps you find the exact reasons why your tub drains bubbles and get the solution. So, don’t skip any information from this article to solve the issues.

Toilet Bubbling When Tub Drains

Toilet bubbling when you are going to use tub drains. But why is it occurring? Because of vent problem. When you are unable to assemble the vent properly, you may face this problem.

On the contrary, the vent size code provides by your local government. So, you can’t use any of the size vents of your toilet. When you wrongly choose a toilet vent size, bubble problems come into your toilet, which is a common issue.

The bubble not only occurs in your toilet or tub, but also you will face this problem when you shower. However, let’s discuss this matter in detail to provide further information.

Toilet Bubbling When Shower Drains

Due to a block somewhere in the pipe, your toilet is bubbling when the shower drains. It is a common reason. But your toilet is bubbling when the vent is wet, and you choose the wrong size.

The wrong size vent pipe needed to be connected properly with the drain, which created air, and the air created a bubble. You should also check out that the seal is working the proper way. Because the seal always locks air and helps the water easily pass without making a bubble.

Overall, you should also check out the pipeline clog. When your toilet pipe lines become clogged, the water rises above the toilet and bubbles.

Bubbles Coming Out of Shower Drain

The bubbling comes out of the shower drain for two reasons: trapped in the water and clogged of your shower drain. These two reasons also created other problems.

Clog and trapped problems also create noise, and the sound is truly annoying. So, you need to solve the problem as soon as possible.


You can use a pin to clear the shower head hole to solve the air-trapped problem. You just need to put the pin on the holes. Similarly, you need to use vinegar, baking soda, or hot water to remove a clog from the toilet pipe.

Toilet Draining Slowly and Gurgling

This is a common question, why does the toilet drains slowly and gurgle? The main culprit which creates the problem is a seal. When you use a cheap seal that is not assembled properly, it creates negative air pressure on the pipe and makes a noise.

After researching this matter, I find another problem, such as a vent. Yes, when you choose the wrong size vent, the air easily passes out on the pipe, which makes the toilet drain slowly and gurgle. So, try to solve this problem and stop gurgling in your toilet drain.

Toilet Is Bubbling and Won’t Flush

When the toilet doesn’t flush, that means your toilet has some problems. Creating bubbles that won’t flush are connected to each other. Both problems were created because of seal, clog, and pipe problems.

First, you need to solve the bubble problem, and the flush problem is automatically solved. Use the right size vent and strong waterproof seal to solve the bubble problems.

Secondly, remove the clog from your toilet to fix the flush problem. Use hard water with lemon juice, vinegar, baking soda, and others to remove clogs.

Finally, the bubble should be removed and flushed properly; worked if you face any problems when you are going to fix the flush and bubble problem, you let me know without any hesitation.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How do you fix a gurgling toilet?

Answer: To fix a gurgling toilet, you need to fix the air trapping problem. The air trapping problem comes out because of the sealing problem on the pipe. When you use the cheap seal, it can’t take enough pressure to work, and that’s why seal leakage and your toilet gurgling.

Q: Can a gurgling toilet fix itself?

Answer: No, you have to fix the gurgling toilet. The toilet comes with a gurgling problem because of the seal and trapping air problem. So, you need to fix these problems to fix the gurgling toilet.

Q: Is it bad if my toilet is bubbling?

Answer: The official answer is yes. When your toilet is bubbling, that means your toilet flush system is gradually damaged, and the water above the toilet is. Sometimes the clogs also create problems you must solve to stop bubbling.

Q: How do I know if my main line is clogged?

Answer: When your main toilet line is clogged, you see that the flush is not working. Moreover, the water comes out and also produces bad noise. These are the common signs you can keep in mind to discover the clogging problem.

Final Words!

When your toilet is bubbling tub drain, you just need to understand something wrong. Most of the time, toilet clogs, seals, and wet vents create this problem. On the other hand, when the seal leaks, the air easily comes out of the pipe, creating gurgling and bubbling problems.

This problem is not only created bubbling, but also you face flushing problems in your toilet. So, try to solve clogs, wet vents, and seal problems to avoid bubbling and properly flush the toilet.

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