Bathtub Drain Lever Won t Stay Down | Fix the Problem

bathtub drain lever won t stay down

Some bathtub has lever options to use on the bathtub drain. Bathtub drain levers have lots of benefits as well as some disadvantages too. For example, sometime you may be unable to stay down the Lever. Why did this problem come out, and how can you fix this problem?

The bathtub drain lever won t stay down is a common problem when you use it for a long time and don’t clean it from time to time. This article helps you get a complete solution and provide the core reasons so that you are aware of this problem and careful when using your bathtub drain.

Bathtub Drain Lever Won t Stay Down

From this section, you will get two things such as finding out the reason why Lever won’t stay and another one is fixing the problem. So, check out the following sections to get a complete package about this matter.

What Keeps Your bathtub drain Lever Won’t Stay Down?

There are a vast number of culprits I found on the Lever which won’t stay down the bathtub drain lever. Based on my experience and 7-others bathtub lever users’ experience, the following culprits are the main reason your Lever won’t stay down.

  • The push stopper may damage or not work properly, which you should check
  • Hair, dirt, dust, and other things have under the stopper
  • The push stopper may not install way properly

These are the common problems that you need to fix. Note the drain waterline is also may problem which you need to check.

How Do You Fix Bathtub Drain Lever Won’t Stay Do You?

You have enough reasons that your Lever won’t stay way properly. Complete the following 4 steps properly so that you can fix the issue. So, let’s break down the following steps.

Step 1: Remove the Top Cap

First and foremost, you must remove your drain lever’s top cap. To complete this step, you need to use your hand and pull it, creating some extra pressure.

Step 2: Unscrew the Lever Pop-Up

In this section, you need to unscrew the pop-up Lever. How? You should use a screwdriver to remove the screws. If you find the screw rusted and hard enough to remove, you should drop some lubricant to unscrew it easily.

Step 3: Check Rubber Washer

Check out that the rubber washer is safe and doesn’t come with damaging outside problems. For example, the rubber stopper or Lever often comes with hair, dust, and other problems.

Step 4: Clean and Fix the Problem

Finally, you need to fix the problem, and of course, you must keep in mind that the pop-up Lever works properly. So, clean the rubber and Lever or hole properly and then re-install the Lever as well as the rubber to solve the problem.

Bathtub Drain Won’t Stay Open

The bathtub drain is an essential element in the bathroom for taking a shower as well as using water. But, sometime bathtub drain won’t stay open, which creates problems.

So, how can you fix this problem? After seeing the problem, I know your mind raises this question. So, check out the following points to fix the drain problem.

  • Find out the location of an adjustment nut on the end of the U-shape
  • Turn the nut clockwise until it is shortage or linkage
  • Now, unscrew and remove the plant
  • Clean the drain with a stopper. If the stopper is damaged, you should purchase a new one
  • Finally, install the bathtub drain stopper and check out that it is opened properly.

This 5-points help you fix your problem, and you can now open the bathtub drain. If you face any issues completing the task, you let me know.

How to Fix a Bathtub Drain That Won’t Hold Water?

The bathtub drain holds water because of the stopper, and the stopper works with a rubber. So, if you think your bathtub drain won’t hold water, check out the stopper and rubber.

However, removing the stopper can fix a bathtub drain that won’t hold water. To remove the stopper, you need to unscrew and remove the plate. After that, you will get a rubber and a stopper. Clean the rubber properly way. If possible, try to use a new rubber.

Note the screw may be hard enough to remove because of rust and stuck problems. So, you can use a lubricant to remove the screw easily.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Why won’t my tub drain stay down?

Answer: Your tub drain doesn’t stay because of several reasons. But the most common reason is that the stopper is not working properly. So, you need to check out the stopper first, and I think you will be able to stay down your tub drain.

Q: How do you fix a bathtub drain that won’t stay closed?

Answer: If you want to fix a bathtub drain that won’t stay closed, you need to remove the stopper or Lever from the drain and clean the hole as well as Lever so that you can check out that it is fine. Try to clean the stopper properly and fix the problem.

Q: How do you adjust a tub lever drain?

Answer: To remove the old Lever from the drain, you will add a new tub lever. However, to adjust the tub properly, you can use a perfect size rubber. Moreover, it would help if you also assembled the tub lever drain properly so that it can’t come with any errors.

Final Words!

The bathtub drain lever won’t stay down is a common problem when you don’t clean it regularly. When you face this problem, you should solve it as soon as possible. According to my experience, you just need to remove the Lever and find the issues and then fix it. So, check out the above text to find out the reasons and then fix the issue.

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