How to Measure Tub Spout Length? [An In-Depth Discussion]

How to measure tub spout lengthThe tub spout is an important part of every tub, but sometimes, most people don’t measure the tub spout length properly, which falls them great problems. So, how to measure tub spout length for your bathroom tub?

It is hard enough to provide you with an exact answer in one word. So, I would love to suggest you check out the following section to measure the tub spout length without facing any problems. But, before measuring the spout length, you should clearly need to know about the spout length.

What Is the Tub Spout?

A tub spout is a diverter that is designed with a mechanism inside to allow water to flow upward. The tub spout is also capable of creating the necessary pressure to start a shower. You will discover this type of spout in every home.

Moreover, the tub spout is also useable for other water supplier areas. Different tub spout comes in different sizes specially measured based on tubs size and water pressure capability. So, you need to know the right measurement for your tub to get the best advantages.

How to Measure Tub Spout Length?

To measure the length of your tub spout length, you just need to follow the below process. Don’t worry; the process is very easy, and you can comfortably measure the length. To easily understand the measurement, I would love to provide you with the perfect guide step-by-step.

  1. In the beginning, you should start to measure the back edge of the spout to the font size.
  2. In the front, you will discover where the threads start of the spout.
  3. After that, you need to measure a perfect distance from the surface of the wall of the threaded and enblow of the inside wall.
  4. Don’t forget that it comes with a total of two and added 1/4 inches.
  5. The measurement should come with the pipe length which you need.

I hope that the above 5-steps are the perfect solution for you to measure the tub spout length. According to my experience, the method is easy to do. You will also get the tub spout length on the tub user manual.

Types of Tub Spouts [Detail Information]

Types of Tub Spouts

There are several types of bathtub spouts you will discover on the market. But, I am going to discuss only 5 tub spouts that are popular and common in homes or bathrooms. So, let’s check out the following 5 different types of tub spouts.

1. Diverter Bathtub Spouts

This type of knob comes on top of the spout, which drives the water tub spout to the shower head. It easily connects the tub spout with the shower head and also controls the water pressure so that you will get perfect water pressure.

2. Slip-On Bathtubs Spout

Slip-on bathtub spouts are connected with the water supply line or drain using a strong screw. To assemble this bathtub spout, you must use a simple tool to tighten and lose the screws. Note that you will get the available sizes for your tub spout.

3. Non-Diverter Bathtub Spout

This type of spout is rare, and you may hardly find it in most bathrooms. Moreover, it only connects with the tub spout and supplies the water. But, the non-diverter bathtub spout never supplies the water in the shower head.

4. Brass Adapter Bathtub Spout

If you want to connect directly with the water supply pipe on the wall, you may not avoid the Brass adapter bathtub spout. Though this method is taught more than the above spout, it is truly working and properly works for a long-time.

5. Threaded Bathtub Spouts

Threaded bathtub spouts are also known as screw-on spouts. It is also connected with the tub spout and supplies the water to the shower head. There are three different types of threaded bathtub spouts you will discover such as:

  1. Front-end Threaded bathtub spouts
  2. Rear-threaded tub spout
  3. Telescoping tub spout

Don’t worry; these 5-different types of bathtub spouts provide you with available sizes for your tub spouts. So, you can consider any of the above 5 tub spouts for your bathtub without thinking anymore.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What is the standard length of tub spout?

Answer: You will get a 5-inch length for the tub spout, which is standard to use. Or, you can also use a 7-inch extra length for your tub spout. I think these two sizes help you to get a clear concept.

Q: Are there different size tub spouts?

Answer: Of course, you will get different size tub spouts from the market. Different types of bathtub spouts come in different sizes so that users can choose their own size bathtub spouts.

Q: How far should a tub spout stick out?

Answer: According to a plumber, a tub spout stick out a min of 3/8″ to a max of 3/4″ past the finished wall. So, you can use these sizes for your tub spout stick out without getting any errors.

Q: Does tub spout length matter?

Answer: You may be happy to hear that the spout length comes in all sizes, which means you never need to worry about the size. But, of course, you need to use the right size tub spout for your tub to avoid some problems and get some benefits.

Wrapping Up!

Tub spout comes in all length sizes. You will easily get your tub spout sizes from the market. But, you should remember that you need to use perfect length so that the tub spout takes perfect water pressure and easily connects to the shower head. Or you can also measure the tub spout size from the above section to get the perfect length of your tub spout.

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