What Size Pipe for Bathtub Faucet? [The Standard Sizes & Measurement process]

What size pipe for bathtub faucet

A bathtub faucet is common for each bathroom bathtub. However, if you want to reassemble or replace the bathtub faucet or cover, you should use a one-half-inch diameter water supplier pipe so that the water flow and pressure load properly.

Why should you use a one-half-inch diameter pipe for the bathtub faucet? Because this diameter holds perfect water pressure and provides the water supply pipe with perfect flow. You will also get some other benefits from using a 1 1/2 inches pipe for the bathtub faucet.

In this article, you will get a detailed answer about the pipe size for bathtub faucets so that you can use the right size pipe for your tub and use the pipe for a long-time without facing a single problem. So, stay tuned.

What Size Pipe for Bathtub Faucet?

1 1/2-inches pipe size is truly far better for bathtub faucets, and most homeowners use the size for their bathroom. Moreover, so many homeowners also use 2-inches pipes for bathtub faucets because of getting more GPM or water pressure.

If you think your bathtub needs more water than a normal tub or want more GPM, you should use a 2-inches pipe for the bathtub faucet. Note, the 2-inches pipe is also safe to take enough pressure of water, and you can also use the size for the toilet and shower drain at the same time.

Don’t be confused because you can use any of the pipe sizes (1 1/2 inches or 2-inches) for your bathtub faucet. Do you need any special suggestions about this matter? You let me know in the following comment box.

How to Measure Tub Spout Length?

How to Measure Tub Spout Length

Well, a person needs to measure the tub spout length before installing the tub with the spout and the pipe. Now, you have enough knowledge about the pipe size. So, let’s check out the following spout length so that you can hassle-free assemble the tub spout.

Measuring the tub spout length from the back edge to the front where the threads start spout and inside. The measurement should be a perfect distance from the surface of the wall and the back of the threaded elbow as well as the inside of the wall.

You should not forget that you need to add a total of two 1/4 inches. This size is very important to measure the tub spout length properly.

How to Replace Bathtub Spout Pipe?

For your bathtub spout pipe replacement, you will go through a proper method. You should call a plumber if you are not confidence about replacing your tub spout.  However, just need to follow the below steps to replace the bathtub. So, let’s get started with the method right now.

Step 1:

You may remember that you used caulk for the toilet. It is time to remove the old caulk because of replacing the new bathtub spout pipe. You can use a strong thing to remove the old caulk properly.

Step 2:

You need to insert a large screwdriver or use a wood hammer into the spout. With these tools, you need to unscrew and remove the thread to go through the following steps.

Step 3:

Now, it is time to cut the old area’s tub pipe. If you are confused about measuring the old area’s tub pipe, you can use 3 or 4 inches in length to cut the old tub pipe. You will use a tub cutter to cut the tub pipe.

Step 4:

Clean the tub with the steel wool until it shows a bright and actual color. Why should you use steel wool? Because it produces, so power to remove the old-stuff things. You can also use another scrub to clean the tub.

Step 5:

Well, it is time to use some silicone grease on the tub so that you can assemble it without facing any jamming problems.

Step 6:

Install the new spout on the stub. It is very easy because you just need to turn the spout in several times so that it becomes tight, and you can hassle-free and securely use the tub.

Step 7:

Check out the whole process to ensure that you are replaced the bathtub spout without any mistakes. I strongly believe that this article helps you a lot to hassle-free spout the pipe.

People Also Ask

Q: What size is a bathtub spout pipe?

Answer: According to a plumber, the size of the bathtub spout pipe comes with a minimum of 1″ and a maximum of 2-7/8″ in length. But the size also depends on the faucet and the water pressure of the bathtub.

Q: What kind of pipe do you use for a shower faucet?

Answer: PVC pipe is a great solution for shower faucets because it can take enough water and waste pressure. Moreover, PVC pipe is also capable of taking enough pressure from mud and other elements.

Q: What size pipe is used for shower plumbing?

Answer: Well, you can use 1 1/2-inches or 2-inches pipe for shower plumbing. These two sizes are prevalent because taking enough pressure and maximum country, especially the USA, accepts these sizes.

Q: Are all bathtub spouts the same size?

Answer: You will get all of the sizes for all of the bathtub spouts. Different bathtub demands different spouts size because of perfect fitting and other benefits. You can check out the above article to clear your confusion about this matter.


1/2-inches or 2-inches pipe size for bathtub faucets are standard to use. But, it is not fixed. The pipe size is depended on the faucet. For example, if the faucet comes with high GPM and water pressure, you should go for a 2-inches pipe size for the bathtub. I hope that this article clears your confusion and you can choose the right pipe size for your bathtub faucet.

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