Clogged Toilet Remedy | What Should You Do?

A clogged toilet is a common problem. There are plenty of ways you will find on the internet to solve clogged problems. There are two ways you will discover to remove clogs, such as using tools, and another one is without using tools. Without using tools, you will easily make clogged toilet remedy.

You will get rid of clogs in your toilet using white vinegar, hot water, lemon juice, and acid. Moreover, the coke and plunger also work much better to remove a clog from the toilet. Most toilet clogs come from hard water, seal, and pipe leakage problems.

This article helps you to get 3-popular ways to get rid of the clogged problem in your toilet. So, let’s break down each of the ways to remove a clog from your bathroom.

Clogged Toilet Remedy [3 Ways with Step by Step Process]

To remedy the clog in your toilet, I am going to share with you 3-popular ways. Note you can follow one by one when the way needs to be fixed. So, let’s get started.

Way 1: Use White Vinegar & Baking Soda

White vinegar and baking soda are much more powerful in removing clogs. These two elements work against hard water and mineral problems, which are the main culprits of making the toilet clog.

  • Take a basket and take ¼-cup of white vinegar and baking soda.
  • Collect an old brush to mix these two elements properly
  • Now, you see that the mixer makes a paste. Use the paste in clogging areas and wait for minimum 15-minutes
  • Scrub the areas and flush the toilet. If it is not working, you need to use white vinegar and baking soda to clean the clogs.

Are you failed to use white vinegar and baking soda to clean clogs from the toilet? Then jump to the below ways to get rid of the clogging problem.

Way 2: Hot Water & Lemon Juice

Hot water and lemon juice strongly fight against clogged problems. Now, I will share with you the step-by-step process to apply hot water & lemon juice to remove the clog.

  • Take 8 cups of fresh hot water on the basket and drop ¼-cup lemon juice.
  • Use an old brush to mix them properly. Try to choose a spray bottle to spray the elements on affected areas.
  • Now, spray on the clogging areas and wait for a minimum of 10 minutes. After that, flush the toilet to remove the clogging problem.

These three points help you a lot to hassle-free apply hot water and lemon juice to remedy clogs. If you are still failed to clean the clog from your toilet, you can check out the last stage to solve the problem.

Way 3: Use Acid to Remove Clog

To remove the clog, you can use acid to solve the problem. Acid is so powerful, and that’s why you need to protect yourself first. Well, wear hand gloves and eye-protective glasses to protect yourself.

Choose any of the market’s acids to clean the clog. After that, use a spray bottle to spray the acid on the affected areas. Or you can drop the acid on the affected areas to solve the issue.

How to Unclog Toilet When Nothing Works?

When you are unable to unclog the toilet using the avoid methods, you need to use an alternative way. According to my experience, dish soap works far better than unclogging the toilet. It slips the toilet and dissolves toilet paper and other elements to unclog.

However, spread the dish soap around the toilet and use a brush to clean the toilet. Now, try to flush the toilet multiple times so that you can hassle-free unclog the toilet. Note it would be better for you to dish a large amount of soap so that it can fight against clogs strongly.

How to Unclog a Toilet Fast?

If you want to unclog your toilet fast, you should apply some powerful elements to the toilet. For example, you can use white vinegar, coke, baking soda, hot water, lemon juice, and others.

These elements are ready to clean the toilet from clogging as fast as possible. The dish soap and hot water combination work much better. You can also use any of the above ways to solve the clogging problem.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What can you pour down a toilet to unclog it?

Answer: You can pour down dish soap, hot water, white vinegar, and baking soda, as well as some other elements, to unclog the toilet. White vinegar and baking soda are truly much better for unclogging the toilet, and this combination works so fast.

Q: What is the fastest way to unclog a toilet?

Answer: The fastest way to unclog a toilet is to use a plunger. If you think you cannot use a plunger, you will use white vinegar and baking soda to solve the problem. On the other hand, you will also use hot water and lemon juice to get rid of clogs.

Q: Will a clogged toilet eventually drain?

Answer: Clog primarily comes from toilet paper or leakage problems. Moreover, when you don’t clean the toilet regularly, your toilet faces clogs problems. The drain is stuck with clogs, and your toilet water comes out the above which is truly ugly.

Wrapping Up!

Clog remedy problems are common for most toilets. We use toilet paper which sometimes dissolves and the toilet clogs. On the other hand, the narrow toilet pipe is another problem that makes the toilet clog.

So, how can you fix the problem? You will easily fix the problems using variants ingredients. Coke, white vinegar, baking soda, and so many things are ready to solve the problem. Check out the above three ways to fix the problem. If you have any questions or queries about this matter, you let me know in the following comment box.

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