Choosing a Tambour Bathroom Vanity

tambour bathroom vanity

The tambour style has recently become more popular among DIY enthusiasts. This style is very easy to build and has many design options. Here are some examples of this design. Regardless of whether you want a vintage look or a more contemporary one, you’re sure to find something you love. A tambour bathroom vanity is not difficult to build and will add charm and character to any bathroom.

Tambour Fronted Cabinet

When choosing a bathroom vanity, the top surface is an important consideration. It is possible to use the surface that is already there, or choose a different material. If the cabinet will be used only occasionally, a hardwood surface is a good choice. Otherwise, a composite material might be better.

A teak cabinet with a tambour front door is an example of a traditional style. Teak has a warm colour and a vivid grain pattern. This cabinet also has an attractive design. Its construction is sturdy. Besides being beautiful, the teak cabinet is also functional, featuring two drawers, a shelf, and a rolling door that opens and closes using a key.

Mahogany Tambour Fronted Cabinet

A Mahogany tambour fronted cabinet is a beautiful piece of furniture for your bathroom. It features 2 doors with fine mahogany strips and brass handles. The cabinet stands on square tapered legs and has room for a basin and additional storage space. The cabinet is an ideal choice for those who wish to add character to their bathroom.

Oak Tambour Fronted Cabinet

A classic oak tambour fronted cabinet is the perfect piece for any bathroom. The cabinet has a carved tambour front and a pair of curved doors with brass handles. It also features brass rails to hold linen and towels, with tapered square legs.

The tambour is in very good condition. However, it drops easily when opened with the key. To avoid causing it to fall, you’ll need to open and close it slowly and steadily. It has a few minor signs of wear and tear, such as staining on one side and a small surface split. The top has some staining, and there is a brass handle on the shallow drawer on top. The cabinet also has small knocks and scuffs, but it is largely in good condition.

The frame is made of 11/2″-wide stock. Its length is determined by calculating the width of the case, plus an extra 1/4″. The bottom rail should be glued to the case, with the top rail glued to the top. It should be centred with the top stile ends flush with the case sides. The middle rail should fit flush against the top and bottom rails and the drawer stretcher.

What is a Tambour Bathroom Vanity?

Multifunctional Tambour storage cabinets are space-saving and functional and allow you to store items without taking up floor space. They come in vertical, horizontal, and motorized configurations. They are also available in various costs and dimensions. Keep reading to learn more about the different options available. You’ll also discover the benefits and drawbacks of each type. To begin, let’s look at the different types of Tambour.

Multifunctional Tambour storage cabinets provide space-saving storage

Multifunctional Tambour storage cabinets are the perfect space-saving solution for bathroom vanities. These wall-mounted storage cabinets can accommodate a variety of items, from towels and toilet articles to small plants and spice jars. Made of durable engineered MDF with a lacquered finish, these cabinets are highly durable and suitable for damp environments.

These bathroom cabinets are easy to assemble and are supplied with all the necessary accessories for installation. Step-by-step assembly instructions will guide you through the process. All parts and accessories are numbered, which makes installation simple. This space-saving bathroom storage solution is suitable for bathrooms with limited space.

What is a Tambour Bathroom Vanity

Available in Horizontal, Vertical, and Motorized Options

The Tambour Bathroom Vanity is available in several styles, including horizontal, vertical, and motorized options. The cabinet can have motorized or non-motorized tambour doors. The Tambour is a traditional style with a contemporary design that combines inspired wood construction with distinctive metalwork. Its unique vertical design is highly functional and versatile, complementing a wide range of design styles. It comes with premium features, including dimming and tunable lighting, built-in USB charging, and integrated electrical outlets.

Costs of Installation

If you want to replace your old bathroom vanity with a new one, you will need to know how much it costs to install it. The cost of installing a new vanity depends on its size and material. The larger the vanity, the more expensive it will be. Besides, bigger vanities require a lot of time and material. Therefore, you may want to choose a smaller vanity that fits in a smaller space.

The cost of a premade vanity may range from as low as $100 to around $2,600, depending on the size, weight, quality of material, and add-ons. Most premade vanities include a pre-cut countertop, which can be costly. In addition, you might want to choose a countertop made of your favourite material. However, this can add about $50-$200 to the total cost.

Dimension Considerations

When choosing a bathroom vanity, it’s essential to consider the dimensions of the area in which you intend to install it. A small alcove might not have enough space for a full-overlay cabinet door.

In these instances, you may want to use a separate filler panel to separate the vanity from the door casings. Also, you may not have the room for a swing-out door, in which case a tambour door would be a great choice. These doors are practical and won’t limit your design options.

Availability & Styles

If you’re in the market for a new bathroom vanity, consider one of the many options available! These stylish units provide a wealth of storage space and don’t take up valuable floor space. Not to mention that they cover up pipes in your bathroom, making them a practical and stylish choice. Choose from a variety of sizes and finishes, including high-gloss, white, and anthracite. If you want a classic look, try white porcelain. 

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