Are Public Bidets Sanitary? [A Perfect Answer]

Are Public Bidets Sanitary

Different types of bidets have on the market, but all are not good enough for the users. For example, public bidets are only sometimes sanitary. Why? Because public bidets nozzle surfaces are not manually cleaned. Moreover, this type of bidet toilet spreads diseases and bacteria, which is not a good option for users.

Are public bidets sanitary? No, public bidets are not sanitary. Public bidet nozzles are hard enough to clean. Unlike other toilets, its nozzle isn’t capable of cleaning itself when the automatic cleaning system is not working. Even the public bidet operating system or control panel needs to be fixed to control the toilet and keep the bidet sanitary.

A public bidet is sometimes a good option. Some people use a public bidet and face several problems because they need to learn how to use a public bidet toilet. This article is ready to provide you with a complete solution about public bidets so that you can get A to Z information.

Are Public Bidets Sanitary?

Public bidets need to be sanitary. They come with nozzle problems. Moreover, the flushing problem is another factor of a bidet toilet. Undoubtedly, public bidets are not harmful to everyone, but most users find them unsanitary.

On the contrary, the bidet toilet has an automatic nozzle-cleaning system, which cleans the bidet regularly. But, sometimes, the nozzle cleaning system needs to be fixed, making the bidets sanitary.

Also, the public toilet has so much traffic, and share the bidet toilet regularly. For this reason, bidets can not take the load and finally stop to work and clean the nozzle.

You should avoid using public bidets because of sanitary problems. If you don’t have any options to use the bidet, you can use a toilet cover or toilet paper to protect your skin from bidet unsanitary problems.

Are Bidets Sanitary for Multiple Users?

Whether the bidets are sanitary for multiple users or not depends on the place, types of bidets, and so many factors. The majority of the bidet toilets are not useable for multiple users because of unhygienic, germs, bacteria, and nozzle problems.

The public bidets are not sanitary for multiple users. When the users use a bidet, the nozzle can’t take enough load and come with a jam problem. Even the automatic nozzle cleaner also stops working to clean the nozzle and make the toilet sanitary.

If you installed a bidet toilet in your home and let your family members use it, it doesn’t break down the sanitary system. A bidet is ready to take the load of the family members’ waste. So, before using the bidet or assembling the bidet in the bathroom, you should know how many people are going to use the bidet toilet.

Can Bidets Cause Hemorrhoids?

Yes, bidets cause haemorrhoids. It affects the anorectal area. Moreover, haemorrhoids are caused because of rectal mucosal prolapse syndrome. This problem only comes from bidet toilets. The habitual users basically face this problem to using a bidet toilet.

Can Use a Bidet Cause Infection?

The big problem with using a bidet toilet is bacteria and infection. These problems come from unhygienic nozzles. It is hard enough to clean the nozzle because you need to remove and replace several things.

According to a study by Japan university, bidet toilets are contaminated with Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus spp., and Enterococcus spp. These things are harmful to human skin. The elements easily infect the human skin.

So, it is clear that the bidet toilet causes infection. But you can avoid the infection when the nozzle works properly. Before using the bidet, you should ensure that the nozzle cleaning system works properly.

Tips to Use Public Bidet Toilet Safely

  • You should check out whether the sanitary is working properly or not.
  • Use a toilet seat cover to avoid infection, bacteria, and other harmful elements.
  • Before using the bidet, check out the control panel of the toilet works
  • Use toilet paper if the flush is not working

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Will a bidet give me a UTI?

Answer: Bidet can increase UTI. But, the traditional bidets are not capable of giving your UTI. Moreover, the public bidets are also unable to provide UTI because of sanitary problems.

Q: Can you get infections from bidets?

Answer: The answer is yes. You will get infections from bidets. The majority of the bidets come with a nozzle cleaning problem. The dirty and uncleaned bidets spread diseases, bacteria, germs, and other harmful things which infect your skin.

Q: Why don t public bathrooms have bidets?

Answer: Public bidets are not sanitary and create several problems. The public bidets are hard enough to clean the nozzles. After a few months, the bidet automatic cleaning nozzles need to be fixed.

Q: Why are bidets not popular in the West?

Answer: Bidets are not well-known in West American culture. That’s why they are not comfortable using the bidet. Moreover, the West American people feel insecure about using bidets. Thinking about this problem, they want to use something other than bidets.


Public bidets are not sanitary. Most public bidet comes with nozzle problems. The automatic nozzle cleaner doesn’t work properly, and that’s why it spreads bacteria, germs, and so on. So, you should avoid using a public bidet toilet.

Or, if you think that it is hard enough for you to avoid a public bidet, you can use a toilet seat cover to avoid infections and other problems. Moreover, remember to use toilet paper. You should use soft toilet paper so that the toilet paper easily flushes.

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