Why Is My Toilet on a Raised Platform? [In Depth Discussion]

Why is my toilet on a raised platform

Toilets have different designs and styles based on the customer’s needs. But, most of the time, you will discover three types of toilets: floor-mounted, wall-mounted, and raised platform. Toilets are not stable, so you will discover several problems with the toilet.

So, why is my toilet on a raised platform? There are plenty of reasons I found which make the toilet raised platform. The main culprit is the wrong installation. However, this article offers only 5 core reasons that basically created this problem.

Why Is My Toilet on a Raised Platform?

The raised platform toilets are designed to be quite functional. Moreover, raised platform of your toilet provides you with many advantages and disadvantages. However, check out the following advantages and reasons for a raised platform toilet.

1. Easy to Clean

Of course, a raised platform toilet is easy to clean. You can wipe down the entire surface of the toilet. This is much quicker and easier to do. The raised platform allows clear, hassle-free clean the toilet and easily avoids clogged problems.

2. More Stability

The raised platform is more stable than another platform of the toilet. Due to the huge surface, our toilet seat doesn’t work correctly and sometimes cracks which truly sucks for us. So, a raised platform is ready to provide more stability and allow the use of the toilet without fear.

3. Updated Look

They provide the toilet more modern as well as updated looked. Moreover, the raised platform is also easy to clean, which keeps the toilet looking new. Because of updated features, users will get maximum flexibility and comfort from this type of toilet.

4. Better Airflow

Improved airflow of a toilet is truly essential to get better performance. Elevating the toilet seat, a raised platform allows air to circulate freely around the toilet bowl. Moreover, it is also ready to clean the air properly. The manufacturer also used advanced technology to get better airflow on the toilet.

5. Greater Height

Increasing heights is mandatory as well as beneficial for lots of people. For example, a more excellent height toilet is a good option for a tall and weighty person. Moreover, a greater-height toilet provides more comfort and a flexible experience. From a raised platform toilet, you will easily use the toilet when your height and weight are increased.

Disadvantages of Raised Platform Toilet

Now, you have enough information about raised platform toilet advantages. Though it has many advantages, you will also discover some disadvantages. So, check out the following disadvantages before purchasing a raised platform toilet.

1. More Expensive

A raised platform toilet comes at a higher price than a regular toilet. There are enough logical reasons that the price is higher. For example, they used more quality materials and advanced technology and hired more labor to provide a quality toilets to the customers.

2. They Can be Slippery

Toilets with raised platforms can be slippery, which is also a great problem. Because most of the raised platform toilets used smooth materials which hard enough to find grip. The slippery accident comes out when you don’t hold your grip strongly.

3. They Might Not Fit All of the Bathroom

This is a great problem because raised platform toilet is not fitted with all of the bathrooms. So, what can you do when you decide to assemble a raised platform toilet in your bathroom? Well, you should measure the rough-in first. After that, you must keep the floor size and drain pipe location in mind.

Raised Bathroom on Concrete Slab

When your toilet comes with a concrete slab and wants to assemble a raised-based toilet, you have to know some principles before assembling it.

First of all, you need to know that you can make holes or dig into assembling the toilet on your concrete slab. Secondly, check out the concrete slab size. If the slab size is properly measured with your raised platform toilet, you will easily assemble your raised platform toilet on your bathroom concrete slab.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Why would a toilet be raised?

Answer: Generally, raised platform toilet is suitable for tall and weighty persons. Moreover, this type of toilet provides maximum comfort and flexibility to use. Furthermore, you will get lots of advantages from a raised toilet over a regular toilet.

Q: What is a platform toilet?

Answer: The raised platform toilet means a toilet that levels up to 30 cm (1 ft). This measurement also depends on several factors. So, you can consider your own height from a platform toilet. Moreover, some of the platform-based toilets allow the users to increase or decrease the height.

Q: How do you fix a toilet flange that is too high?

Answer: It is complicated to say the fixing method of a toilet flange that is too high with yes or no. However, you need to maintain a proper method to fix the problem. If you are a beginner person about this matter, I suggest you hire an expert plumber to fix the problem.

Final Words!

Raised platform toilet is well-known among tall and weighty people. Because it provides extra height and stability, which provides maximum comfort and flexibility; on the other hand, raised platform toilet is easy to clean and avoids clogged to use the toilet for a long-time. You will get many advantages from this type of toilet without causing any problems.

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