Water Shut Off Valve Under Sink Not Working | Finding The Causes & Solutions

Water shut off valve under sink not working

Shut off valve is an essential valve for water passing on the sink. It is not true that it works for a long-time without creating any problems. This problem often arises because of stuck, leaking, burst pipe, etc. These causes are common for most kitchen sinks.

What can you do when the water shut off valve under sink not working? First of all, you need to find out the actual cause and then fix the problem. Don’t worry; it is easy to fix the problem. Check out the following causes and fix them as soon as possible.

Water Shut Off Valve Under Sink Not Working

When the water shut-off valve stops working, you will face water flooding and water-dropping problems. Moreover, the water flows are also affected when the valve is not working.

We have to fix the problem to get a better solution. However, you can check out the following causes and fix the problem without spending much time.

Why Do Water Shut Off Valve Under Sink Is Not Working?

I found plenty of reasons, but I only discuss some core factors. Most people face these factors, and you can easily find the problem after checking out the following points.

1. Stuck Problem

The water shut off valve is not working because of a stuck problem. However, most of the time, the valve comes with clog, stain, and rust problems. So, your first task is to remove the stuck problem and allow the valve to work properly.


To remove the clog and other problems, you can use vinegar and baking soda at the same time. On the other hand, you will also spray WD40 lubricant so that the stuck elements are easily damaged, and the shut-off valve works properly.

2. Leaking Problem

If you think the above point is not working properly, check out the leaking problem. The first time, it is a simple problem. But, if you delay fixing the problem, you may need to spend a lot of money to solve the problem.


It is better for you to replace the valve with a new one. It ensures you get better service. On the other hand, you should also replace the nut and bolts because old and damaged nuts and bolts not worked properly.

3. A Burst Pipe

When the homeowners find the burst pipe, generally, they don’t think that the shut-off valve is alright, and they don’t do anything. But, it is a wrong concept. You have to check out the shut-off valve also; otherwise, you may need to spend a lot of money to repair the shut-off valve.


The solution is that you should repair the burst pipe at any cost. I suggest you assemble a new pipe with the previous one.

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How Long Do Water Shut Off Valves Last?

How long does a shut-off valve last? Or when should they replace the shut-off valve? It is a tricky question.

The durability and other things depend on the shut-off valve quality and materials. However, a quality shut-off valve last 10 to 15 years. Sometimes, it can go 20 years.

You will get better performance if you clean the shut-off valve and change the nuts in a year or after 6 months. Because sometimes the shut-off valves are badly stuck or leaking.

If you find it difficult to clean or repair, you can hire a plumber for this job. According to my experience, plenty of shops in the USA help you fix the water shut-off not working problem.

Tips to Keep Safe Water Shut Off Valve

We must keep a safe water shut-off valve because of using it for a long time. Repair may take a lot of money when the valve comes with a problem.

  • Don’t wash anything which stuck to the valve.
  • Try to avoid hard water because hard water creates rust, stain, and other problems.
  • Make sure that you clean the shut-off valve after 6 months or at least a year.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How do you fix a water valve that won’t shut off?

Answer: To fix a water valve that won’t shut off, you must first find out the problem. I found three problems: stuck, leaking, and burst pipes. If you want to solve these types of problems, I suggest you check out the above solutions.

Q: Why does my water valve turn but won’t close?

Answer: Your water valve turn won’t close because of several reasons. For example, if the valve is stuck with rust, stain, or other harmful things, it doesn’t work. On the other hand, a burst pipe also causes this problem which you need to solve.

Q: How do you fix a stuck shut-off valve?

Answer: You can apply vinegar and baking soda to fix the stuck shut-off valve. On the other hand, hot water also often worked to remove stuck things from the sink. Similarly, you can purchase chemicals from the markets to remove clogged, stains, and rust problems.

Wrapping Up!

If your water shut off valve under sink not working, you may find 3-key problems such as stuck, burst pipe, and leaking. These three problems are the main culprit which you need to remove. However, I suggest you check out the above 3 problems and solutions to fix the issue.

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