Plus Size Toilet [A to Z Information for You]

plus size toilet

Plus size toilet are basically important for big or weighty people. Weight and large size people need extra space to get maximum comfort. You will discover many benefits to using a large toilet and toilet seat.

In a large toilet, you will get round shapes, square shapes, and other designs, providing maximum comfort and flexibility. Today, I am going to share with you A to Z information about this matter so that you will get pros, cons, and a proper user experience. So, stay connected.

What Is a Plus Size Toilet in Bathroom?

The plus or large size toilet means the toilet comes with extra size from a common toilet. The plus-measurement toilet is designed for large-size people who need extra comfort. Moreover, this type of toilet is also capable of holding extra weight.

The extra-size toilet comes with plastic, wood, and other strong materials. Before choosing this type of toilet, you should check the pros and cons section to know the facts. So, let’s get started and break down the pros and cons section.


  • Provides maximum comfort for weighty people
  • It is suitable for both weighty and non-weighty people
  • Capable of taking much weight, and that’s why provide long-time supported
  • User-friendly and flexible


  • Little bit expensive
  • Maybe not much comfort for the non-weight person

Round Toilet Seat with Large Opening

Round Toilet Seat with Large Opening

A round toilet seat with a large opening is suitable for a weighty person. Undoubtedly, this type of toilet opens at a wide angle. The seat comes properly with your commode, so you don’t need to purchase the seat separately.

Round toilet seats provide some extra benefits. It adjusts with your posture and provides you with a comfortable journey.

On the other hand, the round toilet seat is also popular in most bathrooms because of its easy installation and durable performance. So, if you want a large toilet opening, you can choose an extra-size commode or toilet seat.

Oversized Toilets for Obese

When you are choosing a toilet with plus size, of course, you should also think about obesity. Don’t worry; your plumber told you the toilet size after knowing about obese persons.

An obese person is also essential for toilets, so plumbers need to think about oversized toilets for the obese. Most importantly, it would help if you kept the distance between the wall and your toilet.

Before installing or buying an oversized toilet, you should keep in mind an obese person with an oversized toilet to maintain the water supply line as well as other things.

How Much Weight Can a Toilet Support?

It depends on toilet construction, materials, installation, age of the toilet, and several factors. For example, if the toilet comes with plastic constructions and doesn’t come with quality plastics, it may take a maximum of 300 lbs.

On the contrary, wooden toilet takes more weight than plastic. However, the wood toilet seat is also far better for weighty people.

Note that the commode or toilet seat hardware plays an important role in taking weight. If the toilet nuts or wings come with stainless steel material, they may take a high amount of weight. For a weighty or large person, the toilet should come with high-quality materials and constructions.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Are there toilets for overweight people?

Answer: Of course, so many manufacturers and brands produce special toilets for overweight people. Generally, overweight people need oversized toilets, good quality materials, and other things. So, it would help if you also chose an oversized toilet and a good quality toilet for overweight people.

Q: What is the best toilet for an obese person?

Answer: If you want to choose the best toilet for an obese person, you should know the weight, age, and some other factors of the obese person. When obese persons come with weight and large size, you should consider oversized toilets and high-quality constructions to get the best performance.

Q: What is the biggest toilet size?

Answer: According to my research, the biggest toilet size is 31-inches which comes from an elongated toilet shape. On the other hand, the round shape toilet also comes with 28-inches maximum size. The toilet size depends on the person’s weight, size, shape, and other factors.

Q: What is an oversized toilet?

Answer: An oversized toilet means a large-size toilet that is designed for large-size or weighty people. Oversize people need extra space in the bathroom as well as the commode. They also need strong toilet seats. Moreover, the oversized toilet is also designed for people who want extra comfort.

Q: Can you buy bigger toilets?

Answer: It depends on the person who uses the toilet. If the person is large and weighty, you should choose a bigger toilet. A bigger toilet helps the weighty person to get maximum comfort and, of course, helps the person to feel secure.

Final Words!

Do you still need to get the answer from the above section? If you feel free, let me know in the following comment section. Plus size toilet is essential for overweight people and also essential for person who has tall size.

Most importantly, if you have an obese person, you should carefully choose your toilet size because obese persons don’t use tall toilets properly. Overall, the extra size toilet provides the best performance for a weighty person without any doubts.

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