Is a Round Toilet Better for a Small Bathroom?

Is a round toilet better for a small bathroom

When your bathroom comes with a small space, you may need to provide a special focus on your bathroom to assemble a round toilet. Besides a round toilet, you can also use an elongated toilet. But why round a shaped toilet is better than an elongated toilet?

Or is a round toilet better for a small bathroom? Round shape toilet is suitable for small or narrow bathrooms because it saves space. Moreover, it is easy to assemble, and you can easily connect the drainage system to the toilet. The size of a round shape toilet is a maximum 28-inch, which is lower than other toilets.

The size, function, and height of the toilet should properly match your bathroom size. Here, you will get a perfect explanation about this matter to clear your confusion and make the right decision.

Is a Round Toilet Better for a Small Bathroom?

You will discover different types and shapes of toilets on the market. But, it would help if you always kept the right measurement in mind to hassle-free assemble the toilet.

No doubt, round shape toilet is suitable for small bathrooms. Maximum round shape toilets come with 28-inches which is less than enough and perfect for a small bathroom.

Note you should remember the rough-in measurement. The maximum 12-inches rough-in toilet is suitable for narrow or small bathrooms. Round shape toilet comes in 12-inches size, and that’s why you can choose round shape toilet for your small bathroom.

If you want to remodel your bathroom toilet and the bathroom comes in a small size, you should go between 12 to 14 inches rough-in size to get the best performance.

Elongated Vs Round Toilet Measurements

Elongate and round toilets look similar, but they have some differences. They have size, shape, designs, and assemble differences. Before choosing a new toilet, you should know the proper difference between them for better performance.

Elongate: The elongated toilet comes with 2-inches longer than a round shape toilet. You may discover an elongated toilet between 14.5-inches and to 24-inches size.

Round: A round-shaped toilet is larger than an elongated toilet. The round shape toilet started from 16.5-inches to 26-inches size. You can choose a perfect size round toilet based on your bathroom size.

Elongate ToiletRound Toilet
Suitable for large size bathroomSuitable for small size bathroom
The measurement started from 14.5-inches to 24-inchesThe measurement started from 16.5-inches to 26-inches
It is suitable for all of the person of all age but not working much better for a heavy personYou can consider this toilet for heavy people as well as other persons

Pros and Cons of Round Toilets

Every product has some pros and cons side. Round shape toilet is not different than others. However, you should understand the pros and cons of the round design toilet before assembling it in your bathroom.

According to my research, you will get the following pros and cons when assembling and using the round shape toilet. So, let’s get started.


  • It is suitable for children and all the ages person
  • Easy to assemble for small and medium base bathroom
  • You will get available accessories for this toilet so that you should not search the accessories here and there
  • Users get both single and dual flush systems from this type of toilet.


  • A round design toilet may not be a good option for a back-pain person
  • A large size bathroom is not accepted the round toilet because of fewer benefits
  • A quality round toilet comes with a high price

Is My Toilet Round or Elongated?

Sometimes it needs to be clarified for a person to make a difference between a round or elongated toilet. However, using the measurement, you can make a perfect difference between these toilets.

However, you will see that a round-shaped toilet is bigger than an elongated toilet. The round shape toilet comes with a maximum of 26-inches size, and the elongated toilet comes with a maximum of 24-inches.

Elongate toilets are used for large bathrooms, and round-shaped toilet is used for small bathrooms because round-designed toilets are ready to save space for the bathroom.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Do Round toilets flush better than elongated ones?

Answer: Elongate toilets are provided better pressure for flushing. Because they use high-pressure valves and water systems, flushing the toilet is also depended on the brand of the toilets and the construction of the toilet flush system.

Q: Is round or square toilet better?

Answer: These two shapes of toilets are truly popular nowadays. But you can use the round shape toilet for small or narrow size bathrooms. On the other hand, you can use the square toilet for both small and large size toilets without facing any issues.

Q: Which is more popular round or elongated toilet?

Answer: Elongate toilets are more popular than round toilets. Because elongated toilets provide more durability, high performance, powerful flush, and other benefits note that the shape toilet is also far better; most of the time, they are designed for small bathrooms.

Q: How do you pick a toilet for a small bathroom?

Answer: To pick a toilet for a small bathroom, you need to focus on the shape of the toilet as well as the rough-in size. However, you can choose a round shape toilet and 12 to 14 inches rough-in size for your small size bathroom.

Wrapping Up!

Is a round toilet better for a small bathroom? This question may arise in your mind when you have a small bathroom and recently want to remodel the toilet. Of course, the round-shaped toilet is suitable for small bathrooms. You can also choose an elongated toilet without thinking anymore. The round-shaped toilet is ready to space the bathroom space. Note, choose a 12 to 14 inches rough-in toilet for your small bathroom.

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