Do Amish Use Toilet Paper? [In-Depth Answer]

Do Amish use toilet paper

Do Amish use toilet paper? The answer is no. Amish people don’t use toilet paper because they are very religious. Most American and UK people use toilet paper and don’t care about religious things.

On the other hand, Amish used outhouses and traditional buckets instead of toilet paper. They always care about their toilet. Even Amish people used the most advanced technology to get better performance and maintain their religious things.

Undoubtedly, Amish are always interesting people. It is truly hard to say one word about this matter because we need to discuss several things about this matter.

Do Amish Use Toilet Paper?

Amish people are religious, and of course, they use the most advanced technology to get better performance and maintain religious things. They don’t use toilet paper because they don’t think that it is part of their religion.

On the contrary, you may know that religious people don’t want to use toilet paper because they have different techniques. So, Amish people also have a different way of using their toilet.

However, their bathrooms are rather referred to as outhouses. Amish people always care about their culture and religious things, so they are not ready to adapt to other people’s cultures, even bathroom culture.

Overall, Amish people love their culture and religion, and that’s why they don’t use toilet paper. They have better technology that is used in their bathroom and, of course, follow the culture to feel comfortable.

Do Amish People Use Toilets?

The answer is no. Amish people don’t use the toilet like common people use the toilet. Instead of using the toilet, they use outhouses. The outhouses worked that dipped the waste in buckets and treated it with lime.

Moreover, they also avoid using common techniques to use the outhouses. They follow the technique and outhouses of their ancestors. Furthermore, it is a part of their culture and religion.

So, it is clear that Amish people don’t use toilet paper and toilets like a common person. Their bathrooms are names outhouses, and they use a different technique. Every people need to use the toilet. But different people have different ways of using the toilet.

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Do Amish Homes Have Toilets?

Amish people use outhouses instead of a toilet. They have different cultures and religions, which have been followed for several years. They also need to use a toilet, but the style and design are different, like a common toilet.

Similarly, Amish have proper bathrooms which maintain advanced and modern technology. So, they easily get comfortable and hygienic performance from the toilet.

You will easily understand their technology if you often research Amish people’s bathrooms. I strongly believe that this information is enough for you to understand why Amish people don’t use the toilet at their home and use the outhouses bathroom.

Do the Amish Have Running Water in Their Homes?

First of all, Amish people don’t use electricity because of their different lifestyles. Though they don’t use electricity, they do not have running water, a stove, a heater, and other technology.

How is it possible? Yes, it is possible because they have solar systems and advanced technology to run water in their homes. Of course, they don’t work hard to get water. They followed the previous culture of their ancestors to run water and other things without using electricity.

On the other hand, Amish people thought that electricity influenced their culture, and that’s why they don’t use electricity in their homes. Instead of electricity, they adopt other technology to get better performance and easy to live.

How Do Amish People Go to the Bathroom?

It is truly surprising how Amish people go to the bathroom. Though they have a bathroom, they use outhouses instead of a toilet.

After finishing their business, they put all of the waste in a bucket. After putting all of the waste in a bucket, they mix it with lime and add animal manure to it.

They love to follow their culture, and that’s why they go directly to the outhouses when they have a proper toilet system. However, the main concept of a toilet for Amish is that they put all of the waste in a bucket and mix it with the lime.

So, it is a common matter that Amish people love to use outhouses, and they don’t flush the toilet like a regular toilet. They go to the bathroom with a bucket or the bucket kept previously.

How Does One Use a Toilet in an Amish Household?

First of all, they dip their waste in a bucket. Most of the waste or pee easily comes out of a bucket and mix them with lime. After completing their business, Amish people drop the bucket in a safe place.

Undoubtedly, they can use modern bathrooms in their home; they are comfortable with their cultural toilet. On the other hand, Amish people use the toilet one by one, and they always care about their health after using it.

But what about an unknown person who wants to use the Amish toilet? Amish people installed modern toilet systems in their homes, which an unknown person used.

They are always careful about visitors, and that’s why they installed a modern bathroom. Though they offer modern toilets for other people, they love to use outhouses.

What Are Amish Rules?

As part of their Ordnung, the ancestor Amish don’t love to use electricity, radio, TV, public utility line, and others. They have their own culture, clothes, and style. They don’t follow other people to wear clothes and get other advantages.

In addition, Amish people have other rules. They maintain the rules, especially religious rules so that they can maintain their life comfortably.

According to my experience, Amish people don’t follow other cultures, and they don’t adopt other technology. Overall, these people are completely different than other cultural people.

Do Amish take baths?

Amish people don’t have run water in their homes. And that’s why they take fewer baths. Avoid waste of water; they take fewer showers from time to time. It is not a recent issue because their ancestors also took fewer baths.

In the USA, Amish people also take fewer baths because of water problems. They don’t use electricity, a stove, a heater, and other things, and that’s why they take fewer baths.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How do Amish shower?

Answer: Amish don’t have runner water at their home. They just put water on their body outside of the home to take a shower. They take showers very often to avoid water waste. They don’t have any modern technology to run water at home to take showers from time to time.

Q: Do the Amish use cell phones?

Answer: The answer is no. They don’t use cell phones. Because they thought that cell phones destroyed their face-to-face communication and also damaged their physical structure. Communication is very important for Amish people, and that’s why they are concerned about using cell phones.

Q: What are the things Amish people use, and what are they not allowed to use?

Answer: Amish people allows to use the phone (most people don’t use the phone). Though they allow cell phones and electric wire, they don’t allow you to use the toilet at home. Even strictly follow their religion and cultural rules to live comfortably.

Q: Do the Amish allow people to wear deodorant?

Answer: Yes, the Amish allow people to wear deodorant. Amish have their own style and clothes to wear. Though they have their own cloth and style, they accept to wear deodorant without creating any problems.

Q: Do the Amish have a TV?

Answer: Amish are well-known for horse & buggy transportation. They do not have any electric power system, and that’s why the Amish don’t use the TV. Amish people avoid TV because of family communication and discussion, as well as time-saving. Overall, you won’t find the TV on the Amish families.


Do Amish use toilet paper? It is a common question for most of the users who recently researched Amish people. Amish people don’t use toilet paper. They have their own toilet system. Even this community doesn’t use TV, AC, electricity, cell phones, or others.

Amish is a well-religious community that follows religious rules. On the other hand, they may accept several things but not the toilet. Overall, the Amish valued their religion and didn’t adapt to our culture. They follow their ancestors to live life easily.

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