Which Chemical That Dissolves Human Feces in Toilet? [Powerful Chemicals]

Chemical that dissolves human feces in toilet

Dissolving human faces in the toilet means a strong chemical is used to remove human waste from the toilet. But, the chemical is also risky and may not be used when you are a beginner. But, if you have experience cleaning the toilet with multiple chemicals, you can use this type of chemical.

The chemical that dissolves human feces in the toilet is sodium hydroxide. Otherwise, you can also use caustic soda to solve the problem. These two elements are much more powerful in removing human waste from the toilet. But, you should be careful and take proper protection before using this substance.

However, this article also provides you with A to Z information about this matter so that you can be careful and use the chemicals in your toilet.

Chemical That Dissolves Human Feces in Toilet

I found plenty of chemicals on the market that dissolves human waste in toilets so fast. You can easily remove poo even if the toilet comes with a clog problem. Here, you will discover 5-different chemicals which are also powerful.

1. Enzymes

This chemical makes solid waste into liquid. Moreover, the chemical is also ready to remove the clog, yellow color, and other colors from the toilet.

On the other hand, Enzymes break down the hard poo of the toilet. The best advantage of this chemical is that it doesn’t harm your toilet ceramic or other elements.

2. Caustic Soda

Caustic soda is an extremely powerful chemical. You can use this soda to break down harder to harder poo on the toilet. The pH of 13.5 makes this chemical much more powerful than others. But it would help if you were careful about this chemical because overusing may be harmful to the toilet.

3. Bleach

Bleach may not be as powerful as the above two chemicals. But, you will use this chemical to remove human waste and, of course, remove clogs from your toilet.

Bleach is more powerful when you add lemon to the bleach. So, try to use lemon with bleach to remove human waste as well as clogs.

4. Soda and Vinegar

Soda and vinegar with water are truly powerful and help you to remove waste without facing any problems. You need to mix them properly on a spray bottle and solve the issue. Most toilet users do this because of the easy way and safety.

How Long Does It Take for Bleach to Dissolve Poop?

You can use bleach to dissolve poop if you want to use bleach. But how much time bleach takes to dissolve the poo? It is a common question when you decide that you are going to use bleach to dissolve poo.

However, it takes 30-minutes only to dissolve the poop. You can add some lemon juice to get faster results on this matter. Add hot water beside the bleach so that the clog and other problems also remove as well.

What Dissolves Poop Fast?

Non-flush elements are the main culprits which delay poop dissolution so fast. However, you can use several things to dissolve the poop fast.

In the above sections, you will get a list of chemicals to dissolve properly. But you should also maintain some essential things to dissolve the poop fast. Here is the list for you.

  • Use fast-dissolving toilet paper on the toilet
  • Always clean the toilet drain with a plunger so that the poop dissolves so fast
  • Try to make your toilet flush system powerful to flush
  • Don’t try to use low water flow

These points help your toilet to dissolve the toilet easily and also avoid clogs. Most important, you should keep soft toilet paper on the toilet so that it can easily dissolve.

Some Additional Information (FAQs)

Q: What will dissolve poop in the toilet?

Answer: You can use some chemicals such as bleach, soda, coke, and other elements to dissolve the toilet poop. Moreover, it would be better for you to use easy and fast-dissolving toilet paper without facing any problems.

Q: How do you speed up the decomposition of human waste?

Answer: You can use Caustic Soda to speed up the decomposition of human waste. This chemical makes human waste liquid and helps the toilet drain easily flush the human waste. Moreover, you can also use soda and vinegar to get a faster experience.

Q: How do you get rid of a poop that won’t flush?

Answer: If the poop doesn’t flush, you should use some chemicals so that the poop easily breaks down and easily flush. To do that, you can use Caustic soda, which helps you to break down the poop fast. The above list also helps you to get rid of a poop that won’t flush.

Q: How long does it take for poop to dissolve in toilet?

Answer: It may take 30-minutes to dissolve the toilet in general. But, if you use non-flush toilet elements, it may take more time to flush hardly. If the toilet flush system comes with low-flow water, you should increase the water flow.

Final Verdicts!

Chemical that dissolves human feces in the toilet is essential for some toilets that cannot flush human waste. Sometimes the human waste is harder and doesn’t break easily, which jams the toilet pipe and also creates clogs. Are you still found yourself confused about this matter? You let me know in the following comment section.

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