Pros and Cons of Elongated Toilets | Practical Answer for You

Pros and cons of elongated toilets

The elongated toilet seat is always a good choice for any size of bathroom. But, you should not choose to elongate the toilet blindly. Your bathroom may be ok to fit in an elongated toilet seat; find out more in this article.

The pros and cons of elongated toilet seats help you decide and properly assemble the elongated toilet. I will share my practical experience based on the pros and cons section to understand your thought. So, stay connected to get detailed information about this matter.

Pros and Cons of Elongated Toilet Seat

Let’s talk about the pros and cons section of elongated toilets. Besides my experience, I also shared some journal information so that you will get real-life data.


First and foremost, elongated toilets come with lots of advantages. However, elongated toilets come in large sizes and good shape, but providing maximum comfort.

Moreover, the elongated toilet seat is ready to support the back-pain person. Its shape and design allow you to sit even if you have piles problems comfortably.

Furthermore, this type of toilet must need to use ADA. The ADA system helps you a lot to get maximum mobility. Most important, you can consider the elongated toilet seat for a heavy-weight person because of its durable construction and high-quality materials.


The first downside you will discover is that this toilet needs to be fitted properly in a small space of the bathroom.

So, if you choose the toilet for kids, you will be wrong. Moreover, the elongated toilet seat is more expensive. Overall, you will get lots of benefits but also face some problems when using and assembling the toilet.

Why Would I Want an Elongated Toilet Bowl?

Elongate toilet seats are popular because of several reasons. You should choose an elongated toilet bowl to get some extra benefits over a round toilet. Check out the following areas to know your question.

  • From an elongated toilet, you will discover large size surface
  • This type of toilet provides maximum comfort for the users
  • Suitable for older people, back-pain, and other areas
  • Easy to assemble and provides powerful flush.

These points help you to understand why you should choose an elongated toilet bowl. But elongated toilets come with a high price, which you also need to keep in mind.

Can I Replace an Elongated Toilet Seat with a Round Toilet?

You can replace an elongated toilet with a round toilet seat when your bathroom has enough space. You may know that elongated toilets need some extra space and, of course, need proper fixing.

Check out the bathroom space and measure the elongated toilet seat which you want to replace. After that, you need to check out the rough-in, toilet size, and other fixings. If everything is matched properly, you can assemble an elongated toilet seat with a round toilet without any doubts.

Why Are Elongated Toilet Seats Better?

Elongate toilet seats are better for large or medium size bathrooms. You can think about the elongated toilet seat if your toilet has enough space. But the question is, why are the elongated toilets better than others?

It would help choose an elongated toilet seat to perform better. For example, this toilet is ready to provide you with extra comfort than other toilets. Most importantly, it provides comfortable support for a weighty and tall person.

On the other hand, this toilet’s all of the accessories like fittings, fixings, assemble tools, and others are available on the market. From my point of view, this toilet works for most of the persons, and that’s why you can consider this toilet better than other toilets.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Do Round toilets flush better than elongated seat?

Answer: I think not so. The elongated toilet seat flush system is ready to create more pressure and doesn’t use much water to clean the toilet. On the other hand, a round toilet is also a good option and produces perfect flush but is not powerful like elongate.

Q: Which is more popular round or elongated toilet?

Answer: Elongate toilet seat is more powerful and popular than a rounded toilet. The elongated toilet seat is ready to provide you with a high-pressure flush, maximum comfort, and hassle-free assemble benefits than a round toilet. The larger surface is another good option for an elongated toilet seat.

Q: Are elongated toilets more comfortable?

Answer: An elongated toilet seat is more comfortable than a round toilet. Because this toilet provides the perfect shape and large surface, which easily adjust your posture, note elongated toilets provide maximum comfort to a weighty or tall person.

Q: Do elongated toilet seats take up more space?

Answer: The official answer is yes. A round toilet takes 28-inches of space, and an elongated toilet seat is 31-inches in size. So, it is true that you need to provide some extra space in your bathroom to install the elongated toilet seat without any doubts.

Final Words!

That’s all! You have complete information about the pros and cons of the elongated toilet. The above pros and cons section helps you understand toilets’ good and bad sides. Note elongated toilet seats must take some extra space than other toilets.

So, if you think your bathroom has enough space, you can choose an elongated toilet seat. Of course, elongated toilet seats are far better than other toilets.

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