How Does An Incinerating Toilet Work? [A Simple Process Explained]

How does an Incinerating toilet workAn Incinerating toilet works to burn the waste and make the waste powder. Moreover, the Incinerating toilet never used water because of the automatic process. When you use the toilet, and the toilet gets waste, it burns the waste and makes fertilizer.

The Incinerating toilet is also known as a Compositing toilet. People use this toilet where the water is rare and doesn’t have enough space to install a toilet. Furthermore, the Incinerating toilet also comes with portable features.

Are you still confused to know the working method of an Incinerating toilet? If your answer is yes, you can check out the following step-by-step process to know the working method of an Incinerating toilet.

How Does An Incinerating Toilet Work?

An Incinerating toilet is a well-known toilet for the place where people hardly find water and is tough enough to assemble the toilet. However, the incinerating toilet truly works perfectly in this place.

  1. First, the incinerating toilet connects with electricity because of taking power.
  2. It doesn’t come with any water. So, you never need to use water to use the toilet.
  3. After that, when the toilet gets pee or another toilet thing, it starts to burn the waste.
  4. The waste becomes powder which also helps you to use as fertilizer.

The working method is very simple. I hope that these 4 steps help you to understand how does an incinerating toilet work. Do you have any confusion after checking the above 4-steps? Then you let me know.

Can You Pee in an Incinerator Toilet?

Can You Pee in an Incinerator Toilet

Yes, you can pee in your incinerating toilet because the incinerating toilet can burn the pee and make the pees powder, so you can hassle-free clean the toilet after peeing in your incinerating toilet.

Furthermore, you can also use human feces, tampons, sanitation pads and toilet paper in your incinerating toilet without getting any problems. So, what do you want else? Use your incinerating toilet pee without getting any problems.

Do Incinerator Toilets Smell?

The incinerating toilet or composting toilet uses electricity to burn the waste and avoid bacteria as well as other harmful things. The toilet also avoids water which means it doesn’t use any water to flush the waste.

So, what about the smell? The incinerating toilet comes with odor-free benefits, and you may not discover any bad smell from the incinerating toilet. But, the burning smell you may face is not a big deal.

Incinerating Toilets Pros and Cons

The incinerating toilet comes with both advantages and disadvantages. You will get more advantages than disadvantages. However, you can check out the following table to get a clear concept about the pros and cons of incinerating toilets.

[ninja_tables id=”373″]

I hope that this chart allows you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of using incinerating toilets.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What happens to pee in incinerating toilet?

Answer: The pees are burning when you are using incinerating toilet. The incinerating toilet burns the waste and makes the waste powder. So, when you throw pee inside the incinerating toilet, your pee becomes burned.

Q: What happens with the waste with an incinerating toilet?

Answer: The incinerating toilet makes the waste powder because of burning. Moreover, the toilet uses electricity to burn the waste. Note that it doesn’t flush the waste like a traditional toilet because it doesn’t use water.

Q: How long does an incinerating toilet last?

Answer: I am still using the incinerating toilet for nearly 4 years without facing any problems. Moreover, you can continuously use the toilet for nearly 1 to 4 hours without stopping or cleaning the waste.

Q: Do incinerate toilets stink?

Answer: Incinerating toilets use electric heat to burn waste. It is an odor-free toilet which means you will not discover any bad smell from the toilet. I hope that you may get your question answered.

Q: How much propane does an incinerating toilet use?

Answer: The incinerating toilet can be used 40 to 60 times before the cycle is required. The company says that the incinerating toilet needs to be nearly 100 lbs full. So, you can also use 100-lb full propane for your incinerating toilet.

Q: How do I clean my toilet incinerator?

Answer: Some tools you will discover on the market will help you clean your incinerating toilet. Moreover, you can also follow the cleaning guideline from the toilet that the toilet brand provides you.

Wrapping Up!

Incinerating toilets are a wonderful invention that helps people use the toilet without using any water. Moreover, the toilet burns all of the wastes and makes their powder. On the other hand, the toilet also doesn’t need any plumbing, reducing the plumbing cost. I hope that all of the processes, especially the incinerating toilet working process, clear your confusion.

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